How to communicate with your fans by Brentford FC

Any Charlton fan who thinks the current CEO is doing a good job should read  this statement from the Brentford Director of Football and compare and contrast with the vacuous nonsense we get fed.

Oh and by the way , they’ve just made a proper Managerial Appointment too.


2 thoughts on “How to communicate with your fans by Brentford FC

  1. Aren’t they the ones who scuppered their promotion chances by telling the press their manager wasn’t good enough and would be replaced at the end of the season? Aren’t they the ones with the tinpot mickey mouse ground with seating only suitable for dwarves?

    • I didn’t follow events at Brentford too closely last season but my memory is that there was an irreconcilable difference between the owner and the manager. This difference of opinion related to future player recruitment strategy rather than any suggestion that the manager wasn’t good enough. . Warburton clearly felt that the owner’s scheme was nuts and wasn’t having any of it. At least their owner had the wit and intelligence to see that he had made a big mistake and moved swiftly to rectify it. Oh yes, they (Brentford) of the ‘tinpot mickey mouse ground’ are the ones who currently lie within striking distance of the play-offs as opposed to CAFC who lie uncomfortably close to the trap-door.

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