Tony , why , why , why

According to the interim stopgap one , letting Tony Watt go out on loan was an ‘easy’ decision. Since his arrival at Cardiff , in the 3 full games he has played , he has been man of the match (twice) , scored once and won a penalty ( yesterday). He has also been described by Neil Lennon as the difference between winning and losing , i.e if he had been playing for Bolton rather than Cardiff , Bolton would have won the game.

Obviously , I have no idea what the motivation was for sending Watt out on loan . I’ m sure he’ s not the easiest guy to manage but I guess the balance of probability is that we just can’t afford his wages and Vaz Te’s at the same time.

However watching yesterday it is difficult to escape the conclusion that if our forward line was Vaz Te , Lookman and Watt , we would really have a decent chance of scoring some goals.

Unlike Tony, Reza looks and sounds like a guy you’d be very happy to take home and meet your Mum , but let’s be honest , he’s not a championship striker is he ?

If the bookies are right and they generally are , we are going to be relegated , which will mean the loss of  at least £5 m in revenues. As a businessman , I would have thought it would be a good idea to give us the best chance of avoiding the drop by bringing Tony back pronto !

By the way, many congratulations to Harry Lennon who had an excellent home debut yesterday . A glimmer of sunshine amongst the gloom

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