Full Support Needed

Although I am very critical of the current regime , I think we should stop protesting now and just support the team. I don’t think we should waive banners , stage protests or boycott matches. On the last point , many supporters are already boycotting matches , so I don’t think the rest of us giving up has any merit.

The current owner, CEO and manager are all useless incompetents , but most of all we are Charlton fans and it will be a disaster for us ( not them)  if we go down this year .

We all know how difficult it is to get out of Division 3 , look at Sheffield United if you need any confirmation. I guess you could argue that we are just delaying the inevitable – the bookies have us as favourites to go down every year under this ownership and the CEO & owner have been trying hard to get us relegated ever since  they arrived , but I don’t think that’s a good reason for us to give up too. Bearing in mind how totally clueless they are about English football , do you think that there is any chance at all that they will make the right decisions about management and players in Division 3 ?

The match against Cardiff a couple of seasons ago stood out for me when the crowd and Johnnie Jackson together ground out the 5-4  result . The crowd support was magnificent . In that sense I was moved by what Michael O Neil said last night on SPOTY about the support the crowd give to the Northern Ireland team, even though they have limited talent to work with .

We know we haven’t got the best team or players , but if they cock it up , misplace a pass , shoot into the sidenetting , miss a header , and make  other  mistakes , we need to stop any booing , jeering or moaning and really roar them on , shout scream and encourage them in every way to give everything they have over the next few games . We need them to run through brick walls for the club and they need to know that we are behind them.

Anyway, that’s what I think !!

COYA and a very happy Xmas and New Year to all Charlton supporters everywhere – thanks for reading and commenting on my rambles this year.


11 thoughts on “Full Support Needed

  1. Yeah well I agree in supportin the team n players but I support the board, gaffer n Katrien n all n reckon there doin their best to turn things rahnd so less give them the chance to get on with it n all. When ourn were relegated under Parky there weren’t loss of protests then n against the board at the time either.

    • a2c – you always have a very supportive stance towards the ownership , although it is difficult to understand why . There was much more patience towards the Board led by Richard Murray and Parky because we all felt like they were trying their hardest even though they had run out of money and we were all in it together . Also , Richard Murray , in particular had given us all the good times in the Premiership , so he had far more respect from the fans. These people have so far given us 3 seasons of trying to avoid relegation , 5 different managers and rapidly declining support . Its not a good comparison.

  2. A bit ironic that you chose to highlight a victory against our rivals Cardiff AA. When our most competent, gifted and fit goalscorer seems to heading their way at a knock down price. Just at the point of the season when we bloody well need him most. A nice piece of business, don’t make me laugh, what a bloody shambles. Probably had no choice though, Tony Watt’s probably told em where to stick it. The truth will out.
    Xmas wishes saga lout.

  3. AA I remember full well wot appened dahn our gaff. Murray got in Dowie to put one up on Jordan n the club went dahnill. I mean Murray could’ve kept Curbs on for another season then got in a someone better than Dowie but no e ad to ave is way. The boo boys wanted Curbs ahrt n all juss like they did with Powell. This board aint really bein given much of a chance since they aint been in long, Jiminez n Slater weren’t for the long term but this board are n tryin their best. Riga was the best gaffer they appointed but if some dahn our gaff gave more elpful advice instead of abusive exenophobic protests don’t you think they might take a bit more notice.
    As for Watt DP, ere are 13 games withahrt scorin a goal dahn our gaff n e ad a bad attitude that says it all to me. Yeah of course e’ll start ahrt well at Cardiff but then e’ll fall ahrt with theirn sooner or later juss wait n see.

  4. Re; T Watt, Neil Lennon his previous manager and a previous critic, recently said, he would have loved to have him in this relegation scrap but couldn’t afford him. Re the board, They have been in long enough to have 5 managers. No one can doubt they are trying, it’s definitely not in their interests to get relegated, it can’t be, it will really cost the owner. But we have an absentee Chairman and the next two most important people at the club have nearly no experience of Championship football. It doesn’t bode well, hope I’m wrong. As you say a2c ‘juss wait n see’.

  5. Well I admire your block, but the point is when you mention players with the right backing or in so many words, would run through brick walls. Well this simply is not going to happen and yes not their fault very substandard and just matches the super coach and everyone from top to bottom. Sorry been a very loyal supporter for well over 50 years and yes CAFC are a complete joke and shambles.

  6. AA,I understand completely your sentiments about booing and I could never bring myself to boo any player that has a CAFC shirt on. Of course there has always been the collective exasperated groan or exclamation at the mis-placed pass or wrong option taken which no doubt players would be aware of. But such expressions occur in the heat of the contest during which the players have the opportunity to redeem themselves with their next pass or shot or tackle etc. I think booing is more psychologically punishing because it often occurs at the half-time interval and at the end of a match when the players are far more aware of the crowd mood and can do nothing in an immediate sense to improve the situation. However,booing has, unfortunately in my view, become part of the cultural fabric of modern football crowds and the players particularly (and fans like you and me) have to accept that. The booing at FC Duchatelet is of course very largely aimed at the completely shambolic running of the club.

  7. Yes but I’m afraid unless there is a change of personnel and direction for the club we will go down, regardless of how much support we give. At the moment the team is simply not good enough.

  8. It needs reinforcin thass for sure but should be doin loss better than wot it is. Ere we’ve got January n I reckon there will be new players comin dahn our gaff, thass wot I’ve eard n all.

  9. Well you lot are welcome to stay and support the regime if you want but whilst I want to continue to show support for the team I cannot support the regime any longer and I’ll be off come January (once the tickets I have have been used up).

    I cannot support a regime that is selling (or probably giving) away our best players and continues to lie to its supporters. Tony Watt was one of the few that has showed any commitment this season in the front line and his pace and worrying defenders is needed now more than ever … and so he’s loaned out to Cardiff with, now we find, agreement to a done deal making the move permanent next month. Lookman will be on his way, no doubt for another few million when we should keep him on a renewed contract for another year to help his development and then, when he’s inevitably sold, make the investment even more profitable. But no, the club brings in dross from Europe and sell their starlets far too early for far too little money. Charlton will NEVER be a club that doesn’t struggle in whatever division it is in – and I cannot see anything other than a total disaster unfolding with relegation this season and quite possibly next season as well…
    I cannot support this regime any longer as they kill the club that I love with their lies and lack of any reasonable forward looking strategy with managers who are simply not good enough to manage in the football league, let alone the Championship.

    RIP Charlton Athletic.

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