Belgian merry go round

Ok , so we all know that Jose Riga will become the new interim one on the grounds that he is Belgian, cheap , available and in Katrien’s ladybird book of Belgian football managers. He will come in , try  his hardest , improve on a boy named Carol , by playing defenders rather than 4 or 5 attackers . We will still get relegated because we are frankly awful and by some distance the worst team in the championship .

However, Jose will do a decent job , speak honestly to the fans , work hard , make the right decisions with a poor squad of underage players.

He will be a popular choice to become the manager next  year in Div 3, But Roland will ask one of his friends in the care home to suggest a new manager and we will get Horst Van Clueless from Dutch 4th division . He will recruit 11 new players from the Portuguese and Belgian 3rd division and a couple of really promising but factually useless players from premiership teams. All of the new players will be under 21 because they are the most ‘ promising’ , we  will get a couple of decent results early on and unreasonable optimism will ensue  for about 5 games until we start to lose again and by Christmas we will be in 20th position in division 3 .

We will then appoint Jose Riga ……………and so it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

5 thoughts on “Belgian merry go round

  1. …then the crowds dwindle and Roland decides to sell The Valley to developer’s (hoping that enough of fans that would protest against the sale would have left). Leaving him able to move the club and build a smaller cheaper stadium on cheaper land and is then able to claim that it is possible make money from owning a football club?

  2. CAFC supporters and fans will, in my view, learn much about the intentions of ‘the shareholder’ (KM”s term not mine) from what happens in the January transfer window which, as other commentators have pointed out, can be an extremely difficult and expensive time to shore up the crumbling fabric of failing and inadequate squads. To entice the many absentee supporters back to their seats at the Valley will require either a set of acquisitions that have totally been under the radar of other Championship clubs and shrewdly assessed as being of the right quality and fitness and/ or purchases that are of known quality that would be willing ( probablyfor large amounts of the shareholder’s money) to help steer the club away from relegation. Then of course there is the thorny question of who might be charged with marrying up the current playing resources with a new influx. Has Fraeye (the interim one) done enough with his current squad to convince the shareholder that he is the man to organise and inspire a refreshed squad, perhaps expensively acquired? These are the problems and questions that will be keeping the shareholder awake at night as he contemplates the possibility of his ill-conceived project haemorrhaging even more of his fortune. The questions are easy but what of the answers? Supporters will know sooner rather than later and be able to decide how best to spend their money and time come match-day.

  3. Think the team looked good enough to stay up on Saturday. Not by much, but they will.
    Went to the protest after the Forest game. Think we need a reality check.
    May not be pretty. May not be what we would like.
    But we are not at the mercy of asset strippers or talking about going out of business.
    Slagging off Richard Murray who virtually single handedly saved the club from extinction shows a complete lack gratitude and sense. Reg is a naughty boy. If he knows all these big money Arabs why didn’t he know them when Jiminez & Slater were around they could have had the club for a song.
    Careful what you wish for. Ask any Bolton Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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