Fans Forum reveals parallel universe

The Charlton management team led by Katrien and some grey haired mumbling inarticulate bloke who talks a lot about failures of fan communication and links the closure of the ticket office in some unfathomable way with the benefits of men’s health ( ??????) live in a parallel universe of job protection and disaster deniers.

The grey haired bloke who admits the failure of effective club communications  appears to be important . When I realised that he is obviously a new key individual in the management pyramid of incompetence and mediocrity , I went to check him out on the club website where obviously his appointment and responsibilities will be well documented , particularly given his key understanding of the importance of effective communication

Well yes you’ve guessed it – there is nothing about this new arch communicator to be found on the club’s main communication channel , its website. You couldn’t make this stuff up could you ??

Joined in this top class management team is presumably the numbers guy who tells us that we should all be grateful that Roland has so far put in £25m  to create the mess we are currently facing . Well, mate just to let you know , we a) couldn’t care less and b) we didn’t ask him to put the money in and c) he has spent it on a whole host of useless footballers, unknown managers, and it has taken us backwards at least 5 years , probably more and finally d) after all that money we are still hugely uncompetitive and a basket case of a football club.

Finally , I do get fed up with people , both supporters and managers at Charlton referring to Roland’s money as  ‘investment’ . It cannot be an investment that any business person would recognise because there is no realistic prospect that he will ever make a ‘return on his investment’ In fact quite clearly , he will lose many millions of £.

It is a Vanity Project for the owner . However , bearing in mind that he doesn’t care about the results, the supporters , isn’t really interested in football , has no affinity for the club or the area and has  installed a 3rd rate management team to deliberately run the club down  – –

—-it is difficult not to conclude that our owner is clinically insane .



Well done Jose

Jose has apparently told our idiot CEO that he doesn’t want another kid to do a man’s job , hence no loan move for Reece Oxford. Thank heaven for that . Jose , now you’ve seen what we’ve had to put up with all season, any chance you could tell Meire that you also don’t want Vaz Te , Williams, Johnson, Makienok, Ceballos, Ba , Reza , Saar and possibly ( unless he bucks his ideas up ) Poyet too .

But , you do need Watt because he is the only striker at the club who is ever likely to score a goal, that most wonderous of events that we rarely ,if ever,see as supporters of the worst run club in the league.

Jose actually seems to be the only person in the management of the club who is not actively trying to get us relegated .


Selling Charlton Football Club

Well done to all those involved in the CARD campaign for all their hard work and ingenuity.

However it does occur to me that the campaign is only covering one end of our problem which is trying to get rid of a bad owner. The biggest issue which needs to be considered in parallel is finding a better owner who will recognise the potential of the club , is prepared to invest serious funding and will respect and develop a good relationship with all supporters.

Given the collective talent and experience amongst the supporters , which significantly outweighs the dearth of experience  and talents from our junior lawyer CEO , a widget making owner and the new COO from a catering company , forget Target 20,000 which under the current regime is a lame joke , we ought to be creating Target New Owner to try to seriously articulate the opportunities available to a new owner . We should start to consider creating an ‘Opportunity Charlton Football Club ‘ media pack , videos , tweets , etc , etc and research to create and target a database of wealthy individuals around the world with an interest in sport for whom Charlton would be a fantastic project.

It is obvious from reading VOTV , watching CARD develop , reading Charlton Life , various fan blogs , tweets , etc that we have a hugely talented resource of passionate fans prepared to devote huge amounts of talent , time and money to trying to protect and promote the club that means so much to all of us.

I recognise that to achieve a sale , we need a willing seller and a willing buyer and we currently have neither . Nevertheless , it seems to me that we need to be addressing both ends of the equation at the same time.

Ps much better performance yesterday , well done to Riga and the team . New boy , Jorge played well and Tony Watt made a massive difference to our attacking threat .


How will it end at Charlton ?

News tonight that we have signed Jorge Teixeira on a 3 1/2 year deal. Now we have needed an experienced centre half all season and we can all hope that Jorge  is more like Yoni Buyens than Yohann Thuram, Loic Nego , Anil Koc, George Tucadean, Reza and all the others , but having had 9 clubs in the last 10 years the balance of probability is that he will be another failure.

This brings me to next season in Division 3. The last time we were there , we had a plan which was to pinch the best players that SCP actually knew , I.e Yann & Michael Morrison, plus scouting the best players from lower league , Dale Stephens ( Oldham ) , Danny Hollands & Rhys Wiggins ( Bournemouth) , Bradley Wright-Phillips (Plymouth) , Matt Taylor ( Exeter) , Paul Hayes ( Preston), Ben Hamer ( Reading)
Our subsequent fantastic 100 point success in Division 3 and 9th placed finish in the Championship was based on excellent scouting of hardened experienced British Pros and teammates of SCP.
Riga may be a decent manager , who knows ? , but next season whilst the owner will be set to lose yet another £5m to £7m , Riga won’t know anything about the best lower league players and we will find ourselves with a ragtag band of highly paid , largely foreign , lengthy contracted underperforming players.
Rochdale away on a Tuesday in January , will not be a game to savour for Jorge , Igor , Patrick , Zakary, Nabi , Christian and El Hadji , plus the other previously unheard of Belgian based players we will add during the summer.

Where is it likely to end up for Charlton ? A stubborn owner looking at a cumulative loss of c£ 60m by that point with a manager and team , totally unsuited to competing successfully in Division 3 and playing in front of sub 10,000 crowds .

Its really difficult to predict how it is all going to end …………

Malevolent Miss-management of CAFC hits National Press

A lengthy and excellent article on the mismanagement of Charlton in yesterday’s The Independent by Charlie Atkin has been followed up today by an article in The Times by Oliver Kay , the Chief Football Correspondent, entitled ‘ More of same makes Charlton a laughing stock’

Oliver concentrates on the continual appointment of Belgians or in Luzon’s case , an Israeli working in Belgium. He concludes his article ‘ Duchatelet is like Massimo Cellino without international dialling access .It would be funny if it were not so sad’

It is certainly not funny for us .

We need to hound these people out of our club by all means necessary.

Cricket Score Saturday

That’s how tomorrows game is likely to go down in the annals of Hull City history . As the Sky Reporter at the Huddersfield game told us on Tuesday , Charlton did really well to keep the score down to single figures.

Riga faces an impossible task with the poorest squad of players we have had in the last 15 years.
It is fair to say that I feel deep loathing and hatred for the current owner and CEO , they have systematically and with malice wrecked an institution that I love and where I have spent the last 48 years as a devoted supporter . I feel truly bereft .

Club Statement

How on earth has Karel Freye ‘ made many positive contributions to the wider football set up at Charlton’

What a load of absolute cobblers – Who on earth writes this stuff for the club? He was here for 5 minutes , he lost nearly all the games he was in charge . All the players he denied having any role in recruiting are useless. What  positive contribution can he possibly have made ???

Did they just ring his Mum and ask her what she would like to write as an epitaph.

It is really difficult to find any more superlatives about how badly the club is run , how incompetent the CEO is and how bad the communications and messaging are .

Its one thing being nice to Karel and feeling sorry for him in private , it’s quite another thing saying publicly that he did lots of good things , when everyone knows that he didn’t

Put simply it’s another example of the management treating us like idiots or just lying to us which is regular feature of the current regime.


The First Useless Belgian Rearrives

In the ridiculous parallel universe which is the management of Charlton Athletic , the 6th or is it 7th manager in the last 2 years arrives and as predicted it’s Jose Riga , who was the 2nd of the 6.

He has absolutely no chance of saving us from relegation because he hasn’t inherited the half decent squad passed on to him by ( No 1 , our only decent manager) this time .

When he fails and is sacked at the end of this season , in Division 3 , he will be replaced by Bob Peeters , who was our 3rd manager of the 6 , but by that time will be our 8th manager .

He , in turn will last until Xmas 2016 , at which point, Guy Luzon will be appointed as our 9th manager , having previously served as our 4th or maybe 5th if you include Damian Matthew . He will last until the summer of 2016 at which point we wil have been relegated for the second consecutive time to Division 4 , when he will be replaced by Karel Freye who , having previously been our 6th manager will be reappointed as our 10th manager ……………………………..

and so the Belgian circus continues for ever and ever without end.