Katrien Meire and the Protests

I have watched the web summit video a couple of times and to be fair I don’t think what she says is that unreasonable – HOWEVER , it wouldn’t be unreasonable if anything she had done in the last 2 years had been successful which it obviously hasn’t been. The club has become the annual favourites for relegation. The crowds have dropped off a cliff. She is very articulate and talks a good story but the club is failing on every level . The fall guy every time is the manager who is supposed to make a silk purse out of a sows ear .

This is our 3rd successive season of hovering in the bottom 3 . If we don’t go down this year, by pursuing the current strategy and with Katrien and Roland in charge we will go down next year or the year after that.

In all likelihood , particularly if JBG ( our only top class player left) isn’t playing , we will lose 2 or 3 nil again today.

For the first time since I participated in an anti nazi league sit in over the prices of pie and chips in the university of bath refectory in 1975 , I will be braving the rain in the car park at 5pm to protest my anger over the management of OUR football club


2 thoughts on “Katrien Meire and the Protests

  1. Hi AA – plenty being written at the moment by plenty of bloggers – and this is now being picked up y the maintsream media – the notable Grauniad printing something that looks very like a RE press release.

    I think my point is that we as supporters need to be clear about what we are seeking to gain. Its all OK being disgruntled – which many are including myself. But nothing will happen if we don’t have a suite of objectives as simple as 1, 2, 3….

    It would be good to see these written down and vocalised – what do you think.

    • Robin
      I agree that we need some objectives . My first shout would be that we should be calling for the resignation of katrien Meire . That is a legitimate and sensible objective.

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