Owning a football club

Owning a football club brings with it greater responsibility than owning a normal business asset. Charlton Athletic has been around now for 110 years. Very few conventional businesses survive for a hundred years . Most of the biggest businesses today like Google , Amazon , Facebook , Microsoft , Apple weren’t even around 20 or 30 years ago , let alone 100.

Whether you are Roman Abramovich or the Glaser family or Sheikh Mansour or indeed our not so beloved or interested Roland Duchatelet, you are only a temporary custodian of a football club , it can never be truly owned by anyone other than its supporters.

The job of the football club owner is to safeguard , nurture , repair , maintain and always at some personal cost pass it on to the next owner in as good a state as possible – it’s a bit like owning a listed building as your house . It’s nice to live in and ‘own’ , but you aren’t allowed to change it very much and all you do is plough lots of money into it to safeguard it for future generations.

The Belgian owners and katrien in particular talk about Charlton Athletic Football Club like it is a normal business , subject to the total whim of its owner and lack of transparency just because he funds it. This is of course total nonsense and shows a complete lack of understanding of the full responsibilities of owning a football club.

6 thoughts on “Owning a football club

  1. great article. You must be surely the most intelligent person I know after Prince Charles and Peter Shagathon Davis.

  2. Yeah but iss a business juss as it was under Varney who wanted ourn to move ahrt to Kent, jiminez n Slater, Murray et al. Football clubs aint nationalised n thass all there is to it. So rather than undermine wot the board are doin like investin in the youth, improvin the pitch n trainin grahnd, I carry on supportin them n standin up against exenophobes, sexists n racists n thass wot I as a fan will always do. Moronic chants aint the best way to advise the owner abahrt ow to improve things innit.

    • A2c you have been consistently supportive of this regime which is your prerogative .
      Quite why you have such an obsession with perceived xenophobia is more perplexing.
      I’m sure Charlton supporters couldn’t care less whether the owners come from Belgium , China or the planet Mars if they brought success on the pitch

      • What’s really tiresome about this fellow a2c, is the contrived and very annoying written “accent” with which he expresses himself!

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