Striking Tactics

I can’t claim any skill as a football tactician , but It would be good to understand why the interim one played Ricardo Vaz Te on the wing yesterday . Vaz Te is obviously a guy who knows how to play football with nice touches and a bit of class about him but he doesn’t look like a winger , he hasn’t got the pace or trickery to beat people.

When we signed him , there was lots of optimism around his goal scoring record , which kind of suggests that he is a striker , in which case , if he plays , shouldn’t it be in the middle alongside big Mak or young Ademola ?

Anyway , great to see Callum Harriot put in a man of the match performance yesterday . We’ve now signed 2 experienced centre halves in Johnson and Williams which has been our biggest problem all season and we should have done in September . Poyet is on his way back this week which will help . If we can get a decent striker from somewhere – hopefully it will be you know who from Bournemouth.

Then all we will need is Riga or preferably Powell back as manager and  we will have half a chance of survival.

Back to the future anyone ?

2 thoughts on “Striking Tactics

  1. Thass wot I thought with Arriot n all, The problem with Powell is the boo boys wanted im ahrt, the same ones who wanted Curbs ahrt n all. All them message boards were full of bile n vitriol aimed at Powell at the time still iss easy to blame the owners when results aint goin well n the players aint performin dahn our gaff.

  2. Having watched the game yesterday I was amazed at some of the tactics and use of players. I agree that Vaz Te is completely wasted out wide and should be playing up front. Why would you have him, a striker, taking corners while smaller players are waiting in the box?!
    When The young lad came on why did he (a left sided player, go to right back and cause Solly, who was playing well, to be moved to midfield, where he clearly struggles. Goodmundsen changed the game when he came on, with energy and class, the ability to speed up play and pass the ball properly. This was ended when Solly moved into centre I thought.
    Finally, whoever got Williams should be commended – from the time he came on he was directing the team, chatting to the young boys, encouraging everyone and dictating affairs, like making the defence push up. It was great to finally see someone who can lead and prepared to take control. The boys need help, and this guy knows it. I just hope he can regain full fitness and stay with Charlton as he will be a big asset.
    Well done to all those who protested yesterday. It was impressive to be there after the game with so many passionate people who care about the club.

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