Roger had me over a barrel – says Katrien

Well OK, she didn’t actually say that but the announcement that Roger Johnson has managed to get an 18 month contract says it all. Our biggest problem all season has been the lack of 2 experienced centre halves and eventually ( already too late according to the bookies since we are nailed on 1-4 favourites for the drop) 2 arrive with Rhys Williams and Roger Johnson .

If ever you needed proof that 5 managers in 2 years causes unnecessary problems you only have to look at the resigning of Roger Johnson.

Don’t get me wrong ,good luck to Roger Johnson for negotiating a good deal ,  he’s a decent player and we obviously all hope he will have a miraculous galvanising effect . However , when you consider that the last 4 managers threw away Dorian Dervite , Michael Morrison , Andre Bikey,  Tal Ben Haim , Roger Johnson and sold Joe Gomez only to return to a bloke who is arguably the weakest of the six and give him an 18 month contract at 32 years old , you have your answer as to why we are bottom of the league.


One thought on “Roger had me over a barrel – says Katrien

  1. I heard that ‘Relegation Roger’ was disappointed to break his relegation record when we survived the drop last season so ws determined to return and do the job to maintain the integrity of his esteemed nickname.

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