Charlton Statement – Summary

  1. Since Chris Powell left , we haven’t got a clue how to scout players
  2. At least, we aren’t going bust , like lots of the teams that will still be in the Championship next year.
  3. The owner hasn’t got any kind of plan, but for some unfathomable reason he’s happy to cover the losses , so long as they aren’t enormous, even though he isn’t really interested in football and never comes to matches .
  4. There is no realistic ambition for the club to reach the premier league because we can’t afford it
  5. We will be  providing cheap family tickets in the hope that people come regardless of how bad the football is.

…………….that’s definitely sold it to me , all sounds like a club on the up, now where can I buy those extra tickets for the exciting clash with Rochdale.

What was that you said , the club don’t have a ticket office any more ……….


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