The First Useless Belgian Rearrives

In the ridiculous parallel universe which is the management of Charlton Athletic , the 6th or is it 7th manager in the last 2 years arrives and as predicted it’s Jose Riga , who was the 2nd of the 6.

He has absolutely no chance of saving us from relegation because he hasn’t inherited the half decent squad passed on to him by ( No 1 , our only decent manager) this time .

When he fails and is sacked at the end of this season , in Division 3 , he will be replaced by Bob Peeters , who was our 3rd manager of the 6 , but by that time will be our 8th manager .

He , in turn will last until Xmas 2016 , at which point, Guy Luzon will be appointed as our 9th manager , having previously served as our 4th or maybe 5th if you include Damian Matthew . He will last until the summer of 2016 at which point we wil have been relegated for the second consecutive time to Division 4 , when he will be replaced by Karel Freye who , having previously been our 6th manager will be reappointed as our 10th manager ……………………………..

and so the Belgian circus continues for ever and ever without end.




8 thoughts on “The First Useless Belgian Rearrives

  1. You can’t make this stuff up!!!!

    Will be interesting how they position this hiring– “like we stated we have had an exhaustive search for the last 3 months and have come up with clearly best choice and will take us forward” In their dialog it will not impact their we have always moved forward as Freye does not count as he was only an interim appointment.


  2. Whilst I am as frustrated by the antics at the club as most other supporters, to describe Jose Riga as ‘useless’ is most unfair. I do not want to see us drop into League 1 and I feel that Jose Riga is more likely than anyone to get us out of the mess we are in.

  3. I’ve had it with this bunch of IDIOTS. I’m walking away until such time as a BRITISH manager of suitable standing is employed to lead our club OR Duchatelet walks away.
    Sadly I’m expecting it to be a long exile – and God knows what division / league we’ll be playing in if I ever come back.
    I can’t take any more bloody Belgians, either on the Board or in the dug-out. Good luck to the few that stay the course – my patience has finally run out and I can’t watch this c**p any more on the pitch.

  4. Jose Riga instilled confidence in Chris Powell’s team was in free fall and was widely respected by the team. Whether Dushatalot and Karen ‘presentation skills guru’ nightmare give him enough say to run the team as he sees fit remains to be seen. He may regret leaving Blackpool after rejoining Charlton

  5. I agree with Hegg, I reckon a an umber of you are being unduly harsh. He did well for us and had ana excellent run, with the same players that Powell had drawn a blank on in terms of results.

  6. If my memory serves me correctly, at the time Mr Riga took over last time at Charlton, they had 4 games in hand on their relegation rivals, they were only a couple of points from safety and had recently beaten promotion challengers QPR – I firmly believe Chris Powell, would have saved the Addicks from relegation as well and the accusation that he had ‘drawn a blank’, Mr Barry, is equally hash……. It is not that Jose Riga did a bad job when taking over that is the issue, it is the fact that the current regime are on record (if I am not mistaken) of stating that each successive managerial appoint has been an improvement – I think you get my drift.

    Behind Enemy Lines

  7. Or does he? At this point it looks like FC Duchatelet are travelling to Huddersfield with a ‘dead man walking’ in charge. Riga did a good job before but that was then and this is now, a very much more difficult task. It’s just impossible to imagine that this owner has what it takes to make an intelligent decision with regard to a manager/head coach appointment that will bring the necessary stability.

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