What Roland should do on Monday

  1. Sack Freye
  2. Sack Meire
  3. Re-hire Chris Powell
  4. Re-sign Yann Kermogant
  5. Hire a proper CEO with sports franchise experience


Then bugger off , leave them alone to run a sensible football club sending whatever money it needs at the end of the month.



13 thoughts on “What Roland should do on Monday

  1. Short and simple. I agree, though not sure on CP returning. If your going to go down that line then Curbs. Anyone has got to be better than this shower.

  2. And get rid of that noisy rock band in the bar, , or at least play some stuff people recognise, and bring back the hot dog stands..

  3. What Roland could do?
    1. Sack Freye.
    2. Appoint Meire as director of football
    3. Bring in another even more disastrous member of Roland’s team as coach. Probably likely to be a bloke who runs the kids under 12s football team at his local park.
    3. Sign three players from any of his clubs on two-year contracts. The only thing for sure will be that they are (lacking match practice (b) injury prone, (c) lazy as hell and (d) totally useless
    4.Feel a sense of self-satisfaction that all is well and no matter the idiots in South East London cannot touch him.

    What CAFC supporters should do?

    1.Plan to boycott the next match 100%
    2. Write and contact all the clubs sponsors and tell them how we feel and that we are going to start a programme to contact all football supporters to ask them to avoid them and their products unless they agree to arrange a meeting with RD and the fans representatives (no one else). Chaired by a CAFC supporter
    3. Contact journalists and commentators (plus ex players in media positions) in Uk and Belgium and copy the marvelous summaries produced by various CAFC bloggers into one statement we can all agree with.
    4. Form a pressure group – either with the Trust or as a stand alone group and start a strategy and fighting fund to include all supporters groups, bloggers etc. to speak as one voice

  4. Ron quite a few people are ambivalent about Powell , but the guy won league 1 with record points , got us to 9th in the championship . Even in the next season when he got sacked , we got to the Quarter final of the fa cup . It is true we were bottom when he got sacked , but Kermogant and Stephens had already started playing like they were going to leave , he was getting rubbish players forced on him like nego, thuram and reza and by the way we had 3 games in hand .

    • And even if Sir Chris had taken us down, we would have been there in our numbers in League 1, getting behind him and the team, hoping for something similar to the 11/12 season. If we get relegated this season that will not be the case.

  5. I believe the only way to make Roland “the rat” listen is to hit him where it will hurt…..his pocket. 100% boycott of a couple of games.

  6. Charlton Athletic .
    Owned by an idiot
    run? by three stooges .Meire, Fraeye and sadly, Richard Murray who seems to have taken leave of his senses. There’s only Peter Varney left to get us out of this God awful mess.
    We really have to make a stand now or it’s curtains for CAFC

  7. I’m beginning to feel sorry for the Interim Man they called Karel. He was – after all – just the fall-guy for a bankrupt regime..

  8. Wot I reckon e should do is get the negative exenophobic fans ahrt who are a dissgrace to our gaff n bring in people who can take ourn forward like Curbs. I don’t know why yourn are wantin Chrissy Powell back as the message boards were full of bile n vitriol before e was sacked so iss a bit damned if they do damned if they don’t innit. Roland should keep Katrien n ignore the sexists on ere n elsewhere n thass all there is to it.

  9. Roland should sell the club in this transfer window. It will be a disaster for him and the club if we are relegated. They way it is going we have no chance of surviving and the value of the club will plummet and he won’t find it easy to sell without losing money.

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