Club Statement

How on earth has Karel Freye ‘ made many positive contributions to the wider football set up at Charlton’

What a load of absolute cobblers РWho on earth writes this stuff for the club? He was here for 5 minutes , he lost nearly all the games he was in charge . All the players he denied having any role in recruiting are useless. What  positive contribution can he possibly have made ???

Did they just ring his Mum and ask her what she would like to write as an epitaph.

It is really difficult to find any more superlatives about how badly the club is run , how incompetent the CEO is and how bad the communications and messaging are .

Its one thing being nice to Karel and feeling sorry for him in private , it’s quite another thing saying publicly that he did lots of good things , when everyone knows that he didn’t

Put simply it’s another example of the management treating us like idiots or just lying to us which is regular feature of the current regime.


6 thoughts on “Club Statement

  1. Yeah but didn’t JJ say e was givin im more on the pitch listenin to is advice abahrt the players juss a shame it our results didn’t get better n thass why Fraeye ad to go but the owners will get a new gaffer in soon n I reckon the fans will get behind the team n players when the results improve n the boo boys bow ahrt.

    • a2c
      you must be the most optimistic ( and only supportive fan left for the current Board ) fan at CAFC . If you were on the Titanic , you’d be telling everyone it will be alright as the ship disappeared under the Atlantic .
      Will you ever get to a point when you will say its not actually going well !!!

  2. Yeah but we aint the titanic Alb. The board as done some things right n there’s other things there doin wrong but I reckon exenophobic, bullyin n negative protests aint elpin the players or club n there are better ways of turnin things rahnd startin with a new gaffer n we need some better players n all.

  3. From the point of view of Roland and his little gang, Karel’s “positive contribution” was to agree to be the scapegoat, thereby taking the heat off them perhaps? Not sure it worked, mind!

  4. Yep your right we’ve got a new pitch, with new automated turnstyles cabable of admitting 20,000 ticket holders, not to mention the new tv and corner sofa. Trouble is by the time we end up in the Belgian 3rd division there won’t be much need for either. No decent English manager, players or even academy recruits will touch this club with a barge pole. Still on the bright side if Gillingham get promoted perhaps they’ll be interested in ground sharing – or maybe that was why Pete Varney called …..

  5. Not true. He made a very significant contribution. He re upholstered the sofa by the corner flag as it was getting saggy from all the people jumping up and down every time we won.

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