Cricket Score Saturday

That’s how tomorrows game is likely to go down in the annals of Hull City history . As the Sky Reporter at the Huddersfield game told us on Tuesday , Charlton did really well to keep the score down to single figures.

Riga faces an impossible task with the poorest squad of players we have had in the last 15 years.
It is fair to say that I feel deep loathing and hatred for the current owner and CEO , they have systematically and with malice wrecked an institution that I love and where I have spent the last 48 years as a devoted supporter . I feel truly bereft .

4 thoughts on “Cricket Score Saturday

  1. Please do not be despondent correspondent.

    We have faced worse challenges than this and come through.

    At least we have a ground. Even he can’t make that disappear.

    Although, if we are now customers and not supporters; does this entitle us to a refund of monies and emotional input under the Sale of Goods Act 1801.

  2. All Duchalet is interested in is the Freeholds of Valley and Training Ground.What goes on the pitch does not interest him at all or else he would attend matches.I have been watching Charlton since 1945 and of course we have had highs and lows like every other club but nothing as bad as this.The ill feeling toward the Board is something I have not felt before and Murray should be ashamed of his part in our downfall.

  3. MEIRE & MURRAY OUT – MEIRE & MURRAY OUT MEIRE & MURRAY Out- repetitive is’nt it- similar to being termed as “weird” & “customers” – get the vile bitch out & take the money grabbing geriatric with her. Colin Steel

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