Malevolent Miss-management of CAFC hits National Press

A lengthy and excellent article on the mismanagement of Charlton in yesterday’s The Independent by Charlie Atkin has been followed up today by an article in The Times by Oliver Kay , the Chief Football Correspondent, entitled ‘ More of same makes Charlton a laughing stock’

Oliver concentrates on the continual appointment of Belgians or in Luzon’s case , an Israeli working in Belgium. He concludes his article ‘ Duchatelet is like Massimo Cellino without international dialling access .It would be funny if it were not so sad’

It is certainly not funny for us .

We need to hound these people out of our club by all means necessary.

2 thoughts on “Malevolent Miss-management of CAFC hits National Press

  1. This hurts me to say it but I want us to go down then maybe someone might come in and move us forward. All fraught with dangers but drastic steps are needed for common sense to prevail.

  2. 6 nil this time how much more proof do our owners need to realise they are probably not very good at running this club.A managerial team of the likes of Nigel pearson and Chris Powell as first lieutenant ( (They must have had something to do with the rebirth of Leicester City) at the helm and some hard bitten old pros with Championship experience was what was needed . It worked in 1965 with cliff Holton and Brian Whitehouse and again later with Eddie Firmani .Owners please sell up and go thanks for your efforts.Will be protesting at the Blackburn game.

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