How will it end at Charlton ?

News tonight that we have signed Jorge Teixeira on a 3 1/2 year deal. Now we have needed an experienced centre half all season and we can all hope that Jorge  is more like Yoni Buyens than Yohann Thuram, Loic Nego , Anil Koc, George Tucadean, Reza and all the others , but having had 9 clubs in the last 10 years the balance of probability is that he will be another failure.

This brings me to next season in Division 3. The last time we were there , we had a plan which was to pinch the best players that SCP actually knew , I.e Yann & Michael Morrison, plus scouting the best players from lower league , Dale Stephens ( Oldham ) , Danny Hollands & Rhys Wiggins ( Bournemouth) , Bradley Wright-Phillips (Plymouth) , Matt Taylor ( Exeter) , Paul Hayes ( Preston), Ben Hamer ( Reading)
Our subsequent fantastic 100 point success in Division 3 and 9th placed finish in the Championship was based on excellent scouting of hardened experienced British Pros and teammates of SCP.
Riga may be a decent manager , who knows ? , but next season whilst the owner will be set to lose yet another £5m to £7m , Riga won’t know anything about the best lower league players and we will find ourselves with a ragtag band of highly paid , largely foreign , lengthy contracted underperforming players.
Rochdale away on a Tuesday in January , will not be a game to savour for Jorge , Igor , Patrick , Zakary, Nabi , Christian and El Hadji , plus the other previously unheard of Belgian based players we will add during the summer.

Where is it likely to end up for Charlton ? A stubborn owner looking at a cumulative loss of c£ 60m by that point with a manager and team , totally unsuited to competing successfully in Division 3 and playing in front of sub 10,000 crowds .

Its really difficult to predict how it is all going to end …………

5 thoughts on “How will it end at Charlton ?

  1. Not being pedantic its Jorge Teixeira we have signed – Jose plays for Liverpool and I think most people would have been pleased if we had signed him…..

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