We want our Charlton back

Who can tell whether it will have any impact on our geriatric owner and his useless sidekick incompetent CEO , however I have signed this petition and would urge you to do the same.

See ourcharlton.org.uk





6 thoughts on “We want our Charlton back

  1. Yeah I’m against it n all Mica, there full of atred n I like the CEO n all. I wonder if theirn would say the same if a man was CEO.

  2. As I see it this is a fight for the survival of the identity of a football club that has enjoyed a long and proud history, producing many fine players and some periods of considerable achievement that have kept many supporters coming back to the Valley through the somewhat longer periods of struggle and disappointment. All of this of course means nothing to the current owner or his CEO. It might not unreasonably be argued that this lack of interest does not matter but that really is only a tenable position as long as the football club is managed with genuine intent to achieve success.for CAFC. For me success at this time simply means building a competitive Championship squad that is looking to fight for a play-off spot. There is no evidence to suggest that the owner has such an ambition or the competence to achieve it indeed his ‘vision’ of success is something very different and is possibly in his estimation viable with league one or even league two status for CAFC. Clearly some are prepared to support such a vision either actively or passively.

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