Selling Charlton Football Club

Well done to all those involved in the CARD campaign for all their hard work and ingenuity.

However it does occur to me that the campaign is only covering one end of our problem which is trying to get rid of a bad owner. The biggest issue which needs to be considered in parallel is finding a better owner who will recognise the potential of the club , is prepared to invest serious funding and will respect and develop a good relationship with all supporters.

Given the collective talent and experience amongst the supporters , which significantly outweighs the dearth of experience  and talents from our junior lawyer CEO , a widget making owner and the new COO from a catering company , forget Target 20,000 which under the current regime is a lame joke , we ought to be creating Target New Owner to try to seriously articulate the opportunities available to a new owner . We should start to consider creating an ‘Opportunity Charlton Football Club ‘ media pack , videos , tweets , etc , etc and research to create and target a database of wealthy individuals around the world with an interest in sport for whom Charlton would be a fantastic project.

It is obvious from reading VOTV , watching CARD develop , reading Charlton Life , various fan blogs , tweets , etc that we have a hugely talented resource of passionate fans prepared to devote huge amounts of talent , time and money to trying to protect and promote the club that means so much to all of us.

I recognise that to achieve a sale , we need a willing seller and a willing buyer and we currently have neither . Nevertheless , it seems to me that we need to be addressing both ends of the equation at the same time.

Ps much better performance yesterday , well done to Riga and the team . New boy , Jorge played well and Tony Watt made a massive difference to our attacking threat .


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