Well done Jose

Jose has apparently told our idiot CEO that he doesn’t want another kid to do a man’s job , hence no loan move for Reece Oxford. Thank heaven for that . Jose , now you’ve seen what we’ve had to put up with all season, any chance you could tell Meire that you also don’t want Vaz Te , Williams, Johnson, Makienok, Ceballos, Ba , Reza , Saar and possibly ( unless he bucks his ideas up ) Poyet too .

But , you do need Watt because he is the only striker at the club who is ever likely to score a goal, that most wonderous of events that we rarely ,if ever,see as supporters of the worst run club in the league.

Jose actually seems to be the only person in the management of the club who is not actively trying to get us relegated .


6 thoughts on “Well done Jose

  1. Don’t agree re Vaz Te: has not been played i the right position. At Colchester he came on as right winger (he’s better as a a target man than the useless Big Mac). I have on good account that he was a relative success at West Ham.
    Also,I’m not sure we are getting too worked up about Watt; he was slightly less selfish in hie Valley return, but not much, He may be sharp around the box but is not a target man. It also seems that, like Johnson, he is suspect in the dressing room and training pitch.r_

  2. Who came up with Reece Oxford in the first place? His agent? Why help West Ham develope one of their kids? You can bet they’d expect us to play him. Lennon and Jorge look good to me and hopefully Patrick should be back soon? Not sure Watt’s up with Tony. Don’t think we ever will. Shame -he’s fun to watch. During one run on Saturday he passed Tower Bridge!

  3. This is both good and bad news.
    The Good, The board are listening to Riga and he is not just towing the party line.
    The bad, He doesn’t know who oxford is and that he will add to the defence. he is composed beyond his years and his skills are pretty good, so parallels can be drawn with Gomez.

    I think Watt is twice the striker of Vaz Te and big Mak, but he needs some coaching, and a tagetman he will respect, hows about Shola Ameobi, bolton can’t extend his contract, and he offered to stay for free, so would not cost us much. He’s a demon in the chanmpionship, but not good enough for the premiership. Either that or Roland wants to fish down the sofa and buy either Jordan Rhodes or Ross McCormack

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