Fans Forum reveals parallel universe

The Charlton management team led by Katrien and some grey haired mumbling inarticulate bloke who talks a lot about failures of fan communication and links the closure of the ticket office in some unfathomable way with the benefits of men’s health ( ??????) live in a parallel universe of job protection and disaster deniers.

The grey haired bloke who admits the failure of effective club communications  appears to be important . When I realised that he is obviously a new key individual in the management pyramid of incompetence and mediocrity , I went to check him out on the club website where obviously his appointment and responsibilities will be well documented , particularly given his key understanding of the importance of effective communication

Well yes you’ve guessed it – there is nothing about this new arch communicator to be found on the club’s main communication channel , its website. You couldn’t make this stuff up could you ??

Joined in this top class management team is presumably the numbers guy who tells us that we should all be grateful that Roland has so far put in £25m  to create the mess we are currently facing . Well, mate just to let you know , we a) couldn’t care less and b) we didn’t ask him to put the money in and c) he has spent it on a whole host of useless footballers, unknown managers, and it has taken us backwards at least 5 years , probably more and finally d) after all that money we are still hugely uncompetitive and a basket case of a football club.

Finally , I do get fed up with people , both supporters and managers at Charlton referring to Roland’s money as  ‘investment’ . It cannot be an investment that any business person would recognise because there is no realistic prospect that he will ever make a ‘return on his investment’ In fact quite clearly , he will lose many millions of £.

It is a Vanity Project for the owner . However , bearing in mind that he doesn’t care about the results, the supporters , isn’t really interested in football , has no affinity for the club or the area and has  installed a 3rd rate management team to deliberately run the club down  – –

—-it is difficult not to conclude that our owner is clinically insane .



3 thoughts on “Fans Forum reveals parallel universe

  1. They keep rolling out the top line number. He paid £14m for the club and the running costs of £9m spent since has obviously grown to £11m. What any shop-keeper will tell you is that you have to look at what you brought in as well to determine whether you are winning or losing. On that basis, he recouped a £1m or so from Stephens and Kermorgant. I think maybe £3m on Poyet and a similar sum on Gomez. He has also had gates receipts, merchandising revenue and ten bob TV money. That lot probably offsets his running costs to within a million or two, hence the current need to balance the books.” He still has his asset of the club, although he will be very lucky to recoup £14m as things stand, but that’s all his own fault through incompetent mismanagement and it’s the one thing we can all laugh at when all’s said and done.

  2. Can someone explain why Watt has gone on loan to Blackburn after playing so well for us on his return. Even if it saves a few bob it’s madness

  3. Not sure I like this attack on people with grey hair!

    Listening to the radio on Saturday, Tony Watt tucks away a neat finish to make it 2 -0. Quite excited until I found out he was playing for Blackburn. Must have gone back on their team bus last week to save on the fee

    You cannot make it up with this lot. Still a good win. Another against Bristol on Saturday and safety will be on. Although, not sure how much I want it. It will only lead to another of them taking the P!

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