Club Statement

How on earth has Karel Freye ‘ made many positive contributions to the wider football set up at Charlton’

What a load of absolute cobblers – Who on earth writes this stuff for the club? He was here for 5 minutes , he lost nearly all the games he was in charge . All the players he denied having any role in recruiting are useless. What  positive contribution can he possibly have made ???

Did they just ring his Mum and ask her what she would like to write as an epitaph.

It is really difficult to find any more superlatives about how badly the club is run , how incompetent the CEO is and how bad the communications and messaging are .

Its one thing being nice to Karel and feeling sorry for him in private , it’s quite another thing saying publicly that he did lots of good things , when everyone knows that he didn’t

Put simply it’s another example of the management treating us like idiots or just lying to us which is regular feature of the current regime.


The First Useless Belgian Rearrives

In the ridiculous parallel universe which is the management of Charlton Athletic , the 6th or is it 7th manager in the last 2 years arrives and as predicted it’s Jose Riga , who was the 2nd of the 6.

He has absolutely no chance of saving us from relegation because he hasn’t inherited the half decent squad passed on to him by ( No 1 , our only decent manager) this time .

When he fails and is sacked at the end of this season , in Division 3 , he will be replaced by Bob Peeters , who was our 3rd manager of the 6 , but by that time will be our 8th manager .

He , in turn will last until Xmas 2016 , at which point, Guy Luzon will be appointed as our 9th manager , having previously served as our 4th or maybe 5th if you include Damian Matthew . He will last until the summer of 2016 at which point we wil have been relegated for the second consecutive time to Division 4 , when he will be replaced by Karel Freye who , having previously been our 6th manager will be reappointed as our 10th manager ……………………………..

and so the Belgian circus continues for ever and ever without end.




Charlton Statement – Summary

  1. Since Chris Powell left , we haven’t got a clue how to scout players
  2. At least, we aren’t going bust , like lots of the teams that will still be in the Championship next year.
  3. The owner hasn’t got any kind of plan, but for some unfathomable reason he’s happy to cover the losses , so long as they aren’t enormous, even though he isn’t really interested in football and never comes to matches .
  4. There is no realistic ambition for the club to reach the premier league because we can’t afford it
  5. We will be  providing cheap family tickets in the hope that people come regardless of how bad the football is.

…………….that’s definitely sold it to me , all sounds like a club on the up, now where can I buy those extra tickets for the exciting clash with Rochdale.

What was that you said , the club don’t have a ticket office any more ……….


Roger had me over a barrel – says Katrien

Well OK, she didn’t actually say that but the announcement that Roger Johnson has managed to get an 18 month contract says it all. Our biggest problem all season has been the lack of 2 experienced centre halves and eventually ( already too late according to the bookies since we are nailed on 1-4 favourites for the drop) 2 arrive with Rhys Williams and Roger Johnson .

If ever you needed proof that 5 managers in 2 years causes unnecessary problems you only have to look at the resigning of Roger Johnson.

Don’t get me wrong ,good luck to Roger Johnson for negotiating a good deal ,  he’s a decent player and we obviously all hope he will have a miraculous galvanising effect . However , when you consider that the last 4 managers threw away Dorian Dervite , Michael Morrison , Andre Bikey,  Tal Ben Haim , Roger Johnson and sold Joe Gomez only to return to a bloke who is arguably the weakest of the six and give him an 18 month contract at 32 years old , you have your answer as to why we are bottom of the league.


Striking Tactics

I can’t claim any skill as a football tactician , but It would be good to understand why the interim one played Ricardo Vaz Te on the wing yesterday . Vaz Te is obviously a guy who knows how to play football with nice touches and a bit of class about him but he doesn’t look like a winger , he hasn’t got the pace or trickery to beat people.

When we signed him , there was lots of optimism around his goal scoring record , which kind of suggests that he is a striker , in which case , if he plays , shouldn’t it be in the middle alongside big Mak or young Ademola ?

Anyway , great to see Callum Harriot put in a man of the match performance yesterday . We’ve now signed 2 experienced centre halves in Johnson and Williams which has been our biggest problem all season and we should have done in September . Poyet is on his way back this week which will help . If we can get a decent striker from somewhere – hopefully it will be you know who from Bournemouth.

Then all we will need is Riga or preferably Powell back as manager and  we will have half a chance of survival.

Back to the future anyone ?