Football for nothing at Belgian Charlton

Saturday’s match against Reading is a vision of the future at Belgian Charlton. It is basically free of charge to anyone to come along except Season Ticket holders.

Having recognised that season ticket sales and match day ticket sales are only a small % of overall revenues, Belgian Charlton have decided that next season in the 3rd division , all matches will be free admission.
This is a brave effort to encourage dog walkers and overseas students to mingle in a less threatening atmosphere than other football clubs.

August 22nd 2015

was the last time I saw Charlton win a football match . I am a season ticket holder and I go to some away games . I went to Fulham today . I haven’t seen us win a game of any sort for 6 months.

You start to wonder what terrible thing you did in a previous life to have been born a Charlton fan ?

The team were the better side for 45 mins today , but you always feel like we are going to concede if the opposition string a few passes together and today it was 3 goals from 3 corners. it’s like watching a Sunday pub team. Without Jackson and Cousins , we are spineless and there is really no one up front who can score a goal . But don’t worry , because luckily we’ve bought 3 new full backs in to fix the goal drought, none of whom are fully fit or British and all of whom will be leaving at the end of the season.

The supporters continue to turn up in decent numbers , try to get behind the team , but the most fun anyone gets are the obscene chants questioning the nature of Katrien’s relationship with our geriatric , clinically insane ,owner.

Its very difficult being a Charlton supporter.

I dream of a team of full backs

We started the season desperately light on defenders , no cover in central defence or at full back . That’s why we let lots of goals in and are long odds on for relegation.

Now we are as good as down , we have full backs and centre backs by the bucketful.

Left back, Suk Young has now arrived from QPR .He sounds like a good acquisition and who would not appreciate the humour of a potential back 3  of  Suk Young – Cousins – Fanni.

Without knowing the facts , I cannot understand the antipathy between Richard Murray and Peter Varney which has now emerged. They are both huge Charlton fans and have given enormously to the club in different ways over the last 20 years.

Peter was a fantastic CEO who gave the club a  professional and sensible profile and light years ahead of Katrien in every possible skill , competency and achievement. Richard committed huge amounts of personal funds to give us the best teams we have seen in the last  50 years.

Anyway, it is nothing short of a tragedy if the reason why Roland wont talk to Peter’s interested party is because of some residual animosity between Richard & Peter .

I am sure when Richard sits in the Directors box with people like Maurice  Hatter and Michael Grade , he must feel as embarrassed about the state of the team and the club as we do.

Surely it would be sensible for Richard ( as Chairman of the football club) to suggest to Roland that it would be a good idea to meet with the potential investor – or indeed offer to do it himself . How else can they determine the worth of any potential proposal ??  The football club does not seem to be managed on any kind of normal or rational basis.

Incompetence the norm at Charlton

We were dreadful again and Cardiff should have won by 2 or 3 clear goals, hitting the woodwork twice . If Reza is really an international forward , I would urge any decent Sunday league centre forward out there to move to Tehran immediately and claim your place in the Iranian national side . He is shockingly useless.

Rod Fanni was nowhere to be seen , presumably not fit even though we only have 15 games left and he is only contracted until the end of the season. But don’t worry because he is now joined by Marco Motta who is also not fit and hasn’t played since last May and is also contracted until the end of this season. Recruitment at Charlton is indeed a mystery that becomes ever more mysterious.

We had yet another example of the staggering incompetence of Katrien Meire and her team when disgracefully they projected a photo of Alan Campbell to accompany the applause tribute to Graham Moore (RIP)

Finally , we were joined in the East Stand by hordes of Chinese students and somewhat bizarrely a number of African families who brought babes in arms to the game .

Obviously all are welcome at Charlton and the more the merrier , although I was left with the distinct impression that sooner rather than later most of the people attending matches will be using free tickets given away by the club.

If you don’t fancy renewing your season ticket next season in Division 1 , because the football is so rubbish , I wouldn’t worry about it, it will be easy to get free tickets anyway.

Exclusive: Charlton owner admits mistakes

In an exclusive interview today with Albury Addick , Charlton owner, Roland Duchatelet admits  making mistakes

‘ It is true I am a man who makes a lot of mistakes , in fact , it is probably true to say that I make more mistakes than anything else I make. I certainly make more mistakes than average or indeed is normal , but the important thing is that I learn from them, I will give you one small example – only yesterday I put both of my legs down one trouser leg at the same time , now I’ll admit that was a mistake , it certainly affected my mobility for a while , but then I corrected it and today , I remembered and each leg is safely within a separate compartment on my trousers.’

Let me give you a football example ‘ When I bought Charlton , I knew I needed a Chief Scout and Scouting was always a big part of my youth in Belgium , so naturally I looked for a Belgian with extensive scouting experience. It was only when we had our pre season tour that I found out that our Chief Scout was actually very skilled at a selection of nautical knots and making fires with sticks that I realised that I had made a mistake , not mentioning the word ‘Football’ in the job advert . Luckily , I had experience with that kind of mistake because I once hired a Bus Conductor to run my Semi Conductor business .

But these things happen , I make mistakes . I am proud that during my ownership we have had as many as 6 football managers. Every one of them was a mistake , and each one frankly  a bigger mistake than the last one, all hired by my trusted CEO , Katrien , who , if I am speaking honestly , is probably my biggest and proudest mistake of all .

You see a pattern here , I am a man who makes mistakes honestly , repeatedly , often and pretty much without anything else between them .

So there I’ve said it for all the fans to read  Albury , ‘ I make mistakes all the time , I’m going to keep making them, often more than one or two every day , sometimes up to double figures in a day .

It makes me chuckle really because my dear old mum often used to say to me , Roland , you were a mistake …………………………………

Exclusive : Owner reiterates support for incompetent CEO

Perhaps I am alone here , but I don’t really have a problem with Katrien Meire’s Dublin interview and her use of the word weird to describe football fans ( of course we are !!) and I agree we are both customers and supporters .
However , the reasons she is incompetent and should be sacked are

– The sex on the pitch stunt was disgraceful and totally wrong for any football club , let alone one that espouses a family culture
– She lied to us about the exhaustive interview process for Guy Luzon
– She lied to us about the owner not telling the manager who to pick ( Chris Powell has confirmed it is true )
– She lied to us about the season ticket fiasco this season. blaming Royal Mail when she knew it was a club problem.
– She has been instrumental in the hiring and firing of 6 managers in 2 years.
– We are bottom of the Championship, attendances have fallen off a cliff
– She hires staff who cant string a sentence together or write copy without a host of grammatical errors.
– She is a corporate lawyer , but didn’t realise you could file documents on line at Companies House.

How many more reasons do you need ??????
Oh and by the way , after 20 years of having a cup of tea in the Crossbars lounge after matches , they no longer serve hot drinks after matches. Great idea in Winter isn’t it ………………..

A Fool and his money are soon parted

I don’t think anyone can dispute that Roland Duchatelet has spent a few million at CAFC . The problem is that he hasn’t spent it wisely .

  1. The CEO he employed , who was not at all qualified for the job was a terrible hire and has proved to be a hugely expensive disaster
  2. The managers he hired had no experience of UK football and have all been fired at great cost. There have been a succession of additional assistant managers , coaches and assistants who have all been fired also at great cost.
  3. Virtually all the players purchased over the last 3 years , either from foreign clubs or young premiership reserves have proved to be useless and not value for money . For example , instead of buying the best young centre half in division1 for £1.5m , we paid the same amount for Nabi Sarr. As we all know , the list of expensive duds is endless , all purchased at some cost . Who can forget the lumbering figure of Christophe Lepoint . Arthur Horsfield was in the lounge that day and he must be 65 , but I would have preferred him on the pitch to Lepoint.

As they say , a fool and his money are easily parted and in the case of Roland Duchatelet , that phrase is written for him.

He could fix it all by firstly hiring a proper British experienced CEO with a true understanding of our culture,  secondly a young hungry , preferably British manager with some success on their cv and thirdly letting them buy the best players from Leagues 1 and possibly 2 with a smattering of clever experience from the championship and loans from the premiership.

Can someone get him in a room and read him the ‘How we did it at Bournemouth by Eddie Howe story” – or indeed ” How we were about to get to the play offs when Tony Jiminez ran out of someone else’s money ” by Chris Powell. it’s  just not that complicated.


Latest dimwit statement from official CAFC

I guess we all know by now that there isn’t an ounce of sensible or competent judgement amongst the senior management at Charlton .

However , the latest poorly worded and grammatically challenged statement today gives us further confirmation.

“The club is aware of a document that has appeared on Companies House. This document is false and the club is investigating the matter as it is something we take seriously”

Theyve made this statement because one enterprising fan has lodged a resignation of directorship form on behalf of Katrien Meire.  Oh how we all wish it were true and our clueless CEO had actually fallen on her sword but unfortunately it is not.

Anybody with half a brain at the club would have ignored the jolly jape and not provided further publicity.

Then there is the statement itself .

Firstly , the statement ought to clarify exactly what document they are talking about because there are millions of documents being filed at Companies House .

Secondly, in order to make sense , the statement should have said that  the document should have appeared at Companies House , not on Companies House .

Thirdly , the statement ought to clarify the nature of the false document that the club is referring to.

Fourthly , in this short statement , there is a conflict in the same sentence , “the club is investigating the matter ….as it is something we take seriously ” When they talk about we , who are they talking about ? If they are talking about the club , then it would be much better to be consistent and say ” the club is investigating the matter because it is something that the club considers to be a serious issue.

Finally , the club is investigating what matter ????

Katrien , please do all of us a big favour and actually RESIGN now !