Latest dimwit statement from official CAFC

I guess we all know by now that there isn’t an ounce of sensible or competent judgement amongst the senior management at Charlton .

However , the latest poorly worded and grammatically challenged statement today gives us further confirmation.

“The club is aware of a document that has appeared on Companies House. This document is false and the club is investigating the matter as it is something we take seriously”

Theyve made this statement because one enterprising fan has lodged a resignation of directorship form on behalf of Katrien Meire.  Oh how we all wish it were true and our clueless CEO had actually fallen on her sword but unfortunately it is not.

Anybody with half a brain at the club would have ignored the jolly jape and not provided further publicity.

Then there is the statement itself .

Firstly , the statement ought to clarify exactly what document they are talking about because there are millions of documents being filed at Companies House .

Secondly, in order to make sense , the statement should have said that  the document should have appeared at Companies House , not on Companies House .

Thirdly , the statement ought to clarify the nature of the false document that the club is referring to.

Fourthly , in this short statement , there is a conflict in the same sentence , “the club is investigating the matter ….as it is something we take seriously ” When they talk about we , who are they talking about ? If they are talking about the club , then it would be much better to be consistent and say ” the club is investigating the matter because it is something that the club considers to be a serious issue.

Finally , the club is investigating what matter ????

Katrien , please do all of us a big favour and actually RESIGN now !


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