A Fool and his money are soon parted

I don’t think anyone can dispute that Roland Duchatelet has spent a few million at CAFC . The problem is that he hasn’t spent it wisely .

  1. The CEO he employed , who was not at all qualified for the job was a terrible hire and has proved to be a hugely expensive disaster
  2. The managers he hired had no experience of UK football and have all been fired at great cost. There have been a succession of additional assistant managers , coaches and assistants who have all been fired also at great cost.
  3. Virtually all the players purchased over the last 3 years , either from foreign clubs or young premiership reserves have proved to be useless and not value for money . For example , instead of buying the best young centre half in division1 for £1.5m , we paid the same amount for Nabi Sarr. As we all know , the list of expensive duds is endless , all purchased at some cost . Who can forget the lumbering figure of Christophe Lepoint . Arthur Horsfield was in the lounge that day and he must be 65 , but I would have preferred him on the pitch to Lepoint.

As they say , a fool and his money are easily parted and in the case of Roland Duchatelet , that phrase is written for him.

He could fix it all by firstly hiring a proper British experienced CEO with a true understanding of our culture,  secondly a young hungry , preferably British manager with some success on their cv and thirdly letting them buy the best players from Leagues 1 and possibly 2 with a smattering of clever experience from the championship and loans from the premiership.

Can someone get him in a room and read him the ‘How we did it at Bournemouth by Eddie Howe story” – or indeed ” How we were about to get to the play offs when Tony Jiminez ran out of someone else’s money ” by Chris Powell. it’s  just not that complicated.


One thought on “A Fool and his money are soon parted

  1. Hi Spot on post and millions being wasted on sub standard players from Europe and this man has so much arrogance and yes stating I have got many more millions than any of you will ever have. The supporters (How many will be left at end of season???) are not stupid and certainly not village idiots.
    That term rings a bell and Mr Andy Nelson first used this phrase. How times have changed on and off the pitch and AGAIN CAFC need a new slate with proper CAFC men at the top and players who are passionate for the club and good enough.
    Yes remember the great Lennie Lawrence and Chris Powell getting a complete new team with huge success and we need it again. Clear off the lot of you.

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