Exclusive: Charlton owner admits mistakes

In an exclusive interview today with Albury Addick , Charlton owner, Roland Duchatelet admits  making mistakes

‘ It is true I am a man who makes a lot of mistakes , in fact , it is probably true to say that I make more mistakes than anything else I make. I certainly make more mistakes than average or indeed is normal , but the important thing is that I learn from them, I will give you one small example – only yesterday I put both of my legs down one trouser leg at the same time , now I’ll admit that was a mistake , it certainly affected my mobility for a while , but then I corrected it and today , I remembered and each leg is safely within a separate compartment on my trousers.’

Let me give you a football example ‘ When I bought Charlton , I knew I needed a Chief Scout and Scouting was always a big part of my youth in Belgium , so naturally I looked for a Belgian with extensive scouting experience. It was only when we had our pre season tour that I found out that our Chief Scout was actually very skilled at a selection of nautical knots and making fires with sticks that I realised that I had made a mistake , not mentioning the word ‘Football’ in the job advert . Luckily , I had experience with that kind of mistake because I once hired a Bus Conductor to run my Semi Conductor business .

But these things happen , I make mistakes . I am proud that during my ownership we have had as many as 6 football managers. Every one of them was a mistake , and each one frankly  a bigger mistake than the last one, all hired by my trusted CEO , Katrien , who , if I am speaking honestly , is probably my biggest and proudest mistake of all .

You see a pattern here , I am a man who makes mistakes honestly , repeatedly , often and pretty much without anything else between them .

So there I’ve said it for all the fans to read  Albury , ‘ I make mistakes all the time , I’m going to keep making them, often more than one or two every day , sometimes up to double figures in a day .

It makes me chuckle really because my dear old mum often used to say to me , Roland , you were a mistake …………………………………

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