Exclusive : Owner reiterates support for incompetent CEO

Perhaps I am alone here , but I don’t really have a problem with Katrien Meire’s Dublin interview and her use of the word weird to describe football fans ( of course we are !!) and I agree we are both customers and supporters .
However , the reasons she is incompetent and should be sacked are

– The sex on the pitch stunt was disgraceful and totally wrong for any football club , let alone one that espouses a family culture
– She lied to us about the exhaustive interview process for Guy Luzon
– She lied to us about the owner not telling the manager who to pick ( Chris Powell has confirmed it is true )
– She lied to us about the season ticket fiasco this season. blaming Royal Mail when she knew it was a club problem.
– She has been instrumental in the hiring and firing of 6 managers in 2 years.
– We are bottom of the Championship, attendances have fallen off a cliff
– She hires staff who cant string a sentence together or write copy without a host of grammatical errors.
– She is a corporate lawyer , but didn’t realise you could file documents on line at Companies House.

How many more reasons do you need ??????
Oh and by the way , after 20 years of having a cup of tea in the Crossbars lounge after matches , they no longer serve hot drinks after matches. Great idea in Winter isn’t it ………………..

3 thoughts on “Exclusive : Owner reiterates support for incompetent CEO

  1. Her ‘weird’ and ‘customer’ comments in that interview emphasize the fact that she hasnt got a clue about running a football club and the fans who follow football. Her ignorance is dangerous, and she should have resigned months ago.

  2. But you can buy a hot coffee / tea / bovril etc.. With top on it in the ground . but you can not get a bottle of water etc with a top on for safety reasons work that out

  3. Worthless statement of support from the owner. That could be her first warning. I expect he might look at her position again when he sees the stark reality of next years Season Ticket figures. Or can that failure also be spun as a success, KM will sure as hell give it a go. She has feelings, just not for football, bless. As for us, the customers, the same old CAFC betwixt a rock and a …….. No tea, no tea, you’re just living in the past mate. Where is the profit in hot drinks, not enough, those English don’t drink enough match day wine and beer, In the bright new highly profitable CAFC we’ll soon change that. Hey ho When faced with anger and distrust in Rome (SE7) give em a few free pies, keep the (customers) mugs happy ! We don’t care about you’re past, but if it makes you happy why not also trot out a few of your old retired players too. Some loud house will perk em old def uns up no end.
    Sing along, Bye Bye Ms Belgium Pie! Took my thermos to the Valley, but it just makes me want to cry! Them good old boy’s drinking, tea, tea!

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