Incompetence the norm at Charlton

We were dreadful again and Cardiff should have won by 2 or 3 clear goals, hitting the woodwork twice . If Reza is really an international forward , I would urge any decent Sunday league centre forward out there to move to Tehran immediately and claim your place in the Iranian national side . He is shockingly useless.

Rod Fanni was nowhere to be seen , presumably not fit even though we only have 15 games left and he is only contracted until the end of the season. But don’t worry because he is now joined by Marco Motta who is also not fit and hasn’t played since last May and is also contracted until the end of this season. Recruitment at Charlton is indeed a mystery that becomes ever more mysterious.

We had yet another example of the staggering incompetence of Katrien Meire and her team when disgracefully they projected a photo of Alan Campbell to accompany the applause tribute to Graham Moore (RIP)

Finally , we were joined in the East Stand by hordes of Chinese students and somewhat bizarrely a number of African families who brought babes in arms to the game .

Obviously all are welcome at Charlton and the more the merrier , although I was left with the distinct impression that sooner rather than later most of the people attending matches will be using free tickets given away by the club.

If you don’t fancy renewing your season ticket next season in Division 1 , because the football is so rubbish , I wouldn’t worry about it, it will be easy to get free tickets anyway.

4 thoughts on “Incompetence the norm at Charlton

  1. I wonder which division the Spanners and the Gills will be playing in next season. Their both doing well so at least there’s a chance we might be avoiding defeat to them.

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  3. Thass not wot I think, ourn played well n should’ve won n got 3 points. CAFC is better off run by Roland n Katrien n GB iss better off in the EU n all for jobs, trade n investin over ere n dahn our gaff.

    • a2c, your faith in and support for the current owner and his CEO are obviously unshakeable but I do wonder how low CAFC has to sink before the tiniest little doubt might begin to penetrate your thinking. As AA suggests incompetence has been the norm now almost since day one of RD’s stewardship culminating in embarrassing league form and almost certain relegation. I can accept the embarrassment and disappointment of poor teams and results as CAFC has historically been no stranger to this situation. Disappointment and embarrassment is one thing but I’m afraid with the unforgiveable fiasco around the incorrect photo being shown in memory of Graham Moore, I am now, under this regime quite ASHAMED to call myself a Charlton fan.

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