I dream of a team of full backs

We started the season desperately light on defenders , no cover in central defence or at full back . That’s why we let lots of goals in and are long odds on for relegation.

Now we are as good as down , we have full backs and centre backs by the bucketful.

Left back, Suk Young has now arrived from QPR .He sounds like a good acquisition and who would not appreciate the humour of a potential back 3  of  Suk Young – Cousins – Fanni.

Without knowing the facts , I cannot understand the antipathy between Richard Murray and Peter Varney which has now emerged. They are both huge Charlton fans and have given enormously to the club in different ways over the last 20 years.

Peter was a fantastic CEO who gave the club a  professional and sensible profile and light years ahead of Katrien in every possible skill , competency and achievement. Richard committed huge amounts of personal funds to give us the best teams we have seen in the last  50 years.

Anyway, it is nothing short of a tragedy if the reason why Roland wont talk to Peter’s interested party is because of some residual animosity between Richard & Peter .

I am sure when Richard sits in the Directors box with people like Maurice  Hatter and Michael Grade , he must feel as embarrassed about the state of the team and the club as we do.

Surely it would be sensible for Richard ( as Chairman of the football club) to suggest to Roland that it would be a good idea to meet with the potential investor – or indeed offer to do it himself . How else can they determine the worth of any potential proposal ??  The football club does not seem to be managed on any kind of normal or rational basis.

6 thoughts on “I dream of a team of full backs

  1. Dearest Grumpy Albury. Words of wisdom indeed as both Peter and Richard are on another planet from those Belgians Roland and I never could spell her name.
    What a shambles Roland and what’s her name have left us in. Clueless without a half decent scouting system regurgitating crap. They are yes people within a group of no hopers not football people.
    Onto some great news :-
    Gadaffi one of my terriers will be joining me on the upbeats walk on 16th April and she is looking for sponsors for her Newcastle Black and White coloured football shirt whilst carrying a Roland the Rat mascot on her back

    Now that will get publicity even if they wont allow me on the training ground.

    Cant take paddy because her fuse is far far too short.


  2. Dear Grumpy,
    Its hardly the time for sentimental rambling but while I was surfing disconsolately through online Addicks material, I came across your revelation that you used to live in Keynsham Gardens, Eltham. I used to live next door to Peter Reeves and spent many a happy hour kicking a ball around with him when we were both nippers – in fact it was his mum who first took the two of us down the Valley. I moved out in the early sixties while he moved on to greater things – nearly 300 appearances in the red shirt. A fine player and a good bloke too. I watched his debut from the terraces (he scored!)
    Out of all the 92 clubs, why did it have to happen to us? The owner from hell! Hang on in there, though. What doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger. Pride goes before a fall. Rudolph might just have bitten off more than he can chew.
    Bill Vester

    • Bill actually we lived in Southend crescent, but I have a similar story, I went to school with david Campbell and I used to play football sometimes in his garden in footscray road with him and his brother Neil. They were both excellent players and david ended up playing about 100 games for Charlton -he is a very successful businessman now – maybe he could buy us!!!!

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  4. Albury,
    Richard Murray has gone from a well respected club Director to joint villain of the piece through his on-going association with the regime. I can fully appreciate that he wants to protect his investment in the hope that one day it will be re-paid, but at what price?
    Your suggestion that he should bury the hatchet with Peter Varney (hopefully not in his head…..!) is spot on. These two grown men have a few things in common – they both clearly love the club and they both have well-proven talents in running the club. I don’t have a clue where the animosity between them originates, and I’m really not interested in their history…. what I do know is that the whole future of Charlton Athletic is currently hanging in the balance and if only these two individuals could get together to find some common ground to work on that can only be for the benefit of our beloved club.
    That could be as a united front with Duchatelet, as a joint approach to try to buy the club back…. I doubt the latter would be acceptable to Murray as he seems desperate to hang on in with the regime in order to protect his investment.
    At the very least these two grown men need to put the past behind them and act as responsible adults, Murray should offer the olive branch and meet Varney to discuss what common ground there may be between them and the two parties that they represent to see if there is any way of moving the club forward.
    It seems that with Duchatelet’s finances money isn’t the problem at the Valley – it’s the total mis-management of the club that is causing the problem by the two Belgians who just don’t seem to have a clue. If only Murray and Varney could work together, and Duchatelet is prepared to ditch Meire and bring in Varney’s expertise in running the club day to day then the club would be in a far better place.
    As you say, there’s very little normality or rationality to be seen at the Valley these days….

    It seems easy on paper, but when personalities, egos and past animosities are involved it’s probably easier to solve the problems in Syria than in SE7…. But we can only hope – hope that the two individuals can put the past behind them and at the very least have a civilised discussion like grown men over a beer or a meal and see what might develop from that…. I’m hoping, but I’m certainly not holding my breath – even though the very future of our football club is at stake.

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