August 22nd 2015

was the last time I saw Charlton win a football match . I am a season ticket holder and I go to some away games . I went to Fulham today . I haven’t seen us win a game of any sort for 6 months.

You start to wonder what terrible thing you did in a previous life to have been born a Charlton fan ?

The team were the better side for 45 mins today , but you always feel like we are going to concede if the opposition string a few passes together and today it was 3 goals from 3 corners. it’s like watching a Sunday pub team. Without Jackson and Cousins , we are spineless and there is really no one up front who can score a goal . But don’t worry , because luckily we’ve bought 3 new full backs in to fix the goal drought, none of whom are fully fit or British and all of whom will be leaving at the end of the season.

The supporters continue to turn up in decent numbers , try to get behind the team , but the most fun anyone gets are the obscene chants questioning the nature of Katrien’s relationship with our geriatric , clinically insane ,owner.

Its very difficult being a Charlton supporter.

2 thoughts on “August 22nd 2015

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  2. So true, there are certainly ‘easier’ clubs to support.
    Re the 3 new full backs, the problem for me is that they are all short term deals/loans. Are they really going to give a duck whether we stay up or go down? Reliance upon loanee’s does not work, we’ve been there before, right.

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