Met police agree to investigate theft of a football club

well that’s what they should be investigating , not putting out ridiculously exaggerating statements about incidents involving Charlton supporters .

Presumably our clueless CEO and her dimwitted team of incompetents are anxious to divert attention away from the way they run the club by blaming supporters again and are keen to waste precious police time by getting them on the bandwagon.

I’m not condoning violence or pitch invaders ( all 2 individuals)  , but if they are seriously asking the met police to intervene because beach balls are being thrown on the pitch since they constitute ‘ objects being thrown on the pitch’ – we should all bring something worth throwing next time – how about javelins ?

As a matter of interest I was at the Palace game which was thoroughly unpleasant in every way from both sets of supporters – all I read about are a few Charlton hooligans and a bloke who apparently , allegedly , tried to punch a bird of prey – good luck with that mate , it must be like trying to hit a fish by slinging a pebble in the sea. Are the met police and palace about to issue a statement about their fans , who were also surely arrested

I think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we ?

You can be pretty sure that the recent far more serious mass fighting between Arsenal and Tottenham fans will also not result in joint met police and club statements .

We support a club that is declaring war on its own supporters and is now enlisting the Police to support the CEO’s and Owner’s distorted views of events.

Childish response from CAFC

According to the latest club statement , apparently there are people who want to see the club fail and the CEO is being misrepresented.

Lets address those straight away shall we – every Charlton fan , particularly those passionate enough to complain about the current shambles at the club want Charlton to be successful in whatever league they play in – and whether that is the Premiership,Championship, League 1, League 2 or lower,we will always support the team but it is obvious the current ownership is clueless about how you build a successful football club whatever division we are in.

Secondly and it is getting really boring saying this , the current CEO is incompetent in her current role and regardless of how brilliant she might have been as a lawyer, how misunderstood, articulate , clever, what a lovely person she might be, fundamentally her judgement and decision making at CAFC have been dreadful and this has significantly contributed to supporter unrest.

The way the club is currently being run is a total disgrace and this lazy, unattributed, badly written and poorly delivered statement from the club , presumably sanctioned by the CEO and owner, is yet another example and business case study of how not to communicate with your customers.

Ridiculous Statement from the club

Apparently the club ‘ are extremely saddened by the situation that has led to supporters demonstrating ahead of and during the match against Middlesborough on Sunday’

What the statement should have gone on to say was this . ” Recognising the enormous hostility , division and vitriol that the current club management and ownership has created amongst the supporter base , in order to safeguard the future of the club and its many stakeholders , the current Chief Executive , Katrien Meire , has tendered her resignation with immediate effect. ”

This has not yet transpired unfortunately but it must do very soon.

It’s no good for the club to be just sad about something , we are all sad about it – they have to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!!!!!

Exclusive: Club Response to 74th minute walkout

Charlton’s elite management team have responded decisively to the news that supporters intend to walk out 82% of the way through the game in the 74th minute on Sunday , by launching the ‘ Football for £4.11p ‘ campaign to encourage new supporters to come along and enjoy that special Valley atmosphere .

CAFC  Chief Exec Katrien Meire explained ” We thought this would be a great opportunity for would be supporters , particularly those with no connection, affinity or indeed any thought at all  for the club to pop along for a burger, watch a few flags being waved, enjoy some friendly banter around a mock coffin and have a bit of a sing song , knowing that they don’t have to watch the football all the way to the end . Normally , it would be a fiver , but knowing that no one will be in the ground apart from the players , my Marketing team came up with this really neat idea that we should tie in the special offer with the protest and charge for  only 82% of the game – hey presto – Football for £4.11 was born.”

Ms Meire added that her policy of providing complimentary tickets to ‘minimise crowd shrinkage’ will continue for all local schools , all local Universities , anyone whose Dad , uncle , grandparents or next door neighbour who played for the club, civil servants , members of the armed forces , doctors , nurses , allied health professionals, dentists, vets ,chiropodists, Belgians, Flemish speakers, anyone with an unusual birthmark, refugees from war torn conflicts, anyone who can tell a good joke, anyone who had a relative on the Titanic ……..

Jose Jeunechamps leaves

Coaching legend Jose Jeunechamps has sensationally left Charlton. Jose’s principal role was to communicate with the players and apparently the fact that Jose only spoke Flemish  was a contributory factor in his departure. Jose will be replaced on a temporary basis by Jason Euell who will also be replaced on a temporary basis by Simon Clark who will in turn be replaced later on a full time basis by Jason Euell in order to return to his previous full time role.

Sources close to the mad geriatric owner , Roland Duchatelet have suggested that the next to go could be the Chief Executive who was hired for her management skills and apparently doesn’t have any , followed by Jose Riga , the manager who was hired for his tactical skills and player motivation , but also doesn’t have any of those.

Riga in on Belgian Sabotage

When I predicted 3 wins on the trot, I hadn’t appreciated that Jose had thrown his lot in with the owner and CEO and decided to try not to win tonight’s game. He takes off our only creative player , Harriot on 65 minutes just after he has beaten about 6 blokes twice and leaves on Simon who lets face it was shockingly awful , immobile and never going to score . To compound the misery , having not started Sanogo when he should have done , he also brings on Lookman for the last 5 minutes when it’s all far too late.

Next year in the 3rd division , Roly can save more money by not having any managers or coaches and give the crowd ( those few that are still left) a keyboard when we arrive and we can pick the team and then when to make a substitution and who it should be by voting on our handhelds, because 99 times out of a hundred , the crowd have a much better idea of the best team , what the shape and tactics should be and when to make subs than the manager.

Final point , what on earth did West Ham do to Diego Poyet ? When he left us , he looked like the next Scott Parker , I would have backed him for the England team – now he looks like a bloke who can hardly pass the ball more than 10 yards on the rare occasion when he touches it at all , he never tackles anyone , doesn’t seem to have any pace or be able to head the ball other than directly upwards . Surely somewhere in there , a good player still exists , but if he carries on like this , his career will only go one way …….

Reflections on Brentford

We won, we won , we won and I was there – I saw it , I really did see a win for the first time since August 23rd . Luckily 2 of my mates persuaded me to go and special mention to one of them who left the game at 4.30pm so he could catch a flight to Johannesburg at 6.05pm – forgetting that nonsense about being there before your flight is called !

A few observations , I have seen Callum Harriot be our best player in 2 of our games recently , yesterday and Fulham. He wasn’t playing in most of the other games because Riga inexplicably chose Bergdich instead – that is not good management.

Our defence was frequently chaotic yesterday and quite how we keep letting goals in from corners when more than half our team is over 6ft has to be poor coaching.

Motta was terrible in the first half and awesome in the second half . He  was everywhere , winning headers , great passes , forearm smashing Brentford players , running the whole length of the pitch to win a corner . Both he and Fanni played with a lot of heart which is all we really ask. Defensively , the second half was better , let’s hope we can keep it up.

I stick to my prediction of 3 wins on the trot , so 2 home wins to follow now.

Rude songs about Katrien Meire

I read today’s article by Henry Winter in The Times in which he leads with ” Scurrilous songs about Katrien Meire , Charlton’s unpopular chief executive are unacceptable and undermine a legitimate protest movement forming in the car park outside The Valley after games” He then goes on to say that Meire and Duchatelet need to heed fans concerns ”

I find the opening comments very patronising. Henry , mate – it’s a war we are engaged in , it’s not a protest , it’s not nice , it’s nasty , likely to get nastier because many of us are seething with rage and anger .

It’s Meire and Duchatelet , the unqualified incompetents , against us , the fans , the people who have been going for decades and it’s going to be a bitter fight to the end.

Football is tribal , it is belonging and deep passion for your team and loathing for your local rivals. The club forms a central ever present bedrock of many people’s lives . Our club is being deliberately mismanaged and destroyed with malice and that cannot happen without the perpetrators experiencing bad consequences.

Maybe Henry has spent too much time in Premiership corporate hospitality.

I would not condone any kind of physical violence , but whilst singing rude songs may not be polite , if it’s unpleasant and makes Katrien squirm and feel even slightly more like resigning then I am all in favour.

Sing your hearts out for the lads