Rude songs about Katrien Meire

I read today’s article by Henry Winter in The Times in which he leads with ” Scurrilous songs about Katrien Meire , Charlton’s unpopular chief executive are unacceptable and undermine a legitimate protest movement forming in the car park outside The Valley after games” He then goes on to say that Meire and Duchatelet need to heed fans concerns ”

I find the opening comments very patronising. Henry , mate – it’s a war we are engaged in , it’s not a protest , it’s not nice , it’s nasty , likely to get nastier because many of us are seething with rage and anger .

It’s Meire and Duchatelet , the unqualified incompetents , against us , the fans , the people who have been going for decades and it’s going to be a bitter fight to the end.

Football is tribal , it is belonging and deep passion for your team and loathing for your local rivals. The club forms a central ever present bedrock of many people’s lives . Our club is being deliberately mismanaged and destroyed with malice and that cannot happen without the perpetrators experiencing bad consequences.

Maybe Henry has spent too much time in Premiership corporate hospitality.

I would not condone any kind of physical violence , but whilst singing rude songs may not be polite , if it’s unpleasant and makes Katrien squirm and feel even slightly more like resigning then I am all in favour.

Sing your hearts out for the lads


26 thoughts on “Rude songs about Katrien Meire

  1. They are unacceptable and as a black female fan myself I feel deeply uncomfortable and humiliated whenever I hear them and have already complained to the stewards, there’s no excuse for that form of personal abuse. I do hope they kick these people out as they should be doing with racist chanting as well.

  2. Having been the victim of domestic abuse, I can tell you that verbal abuse is as bad as physical abuse. I support the campaign but not the personal abuse, it will divide support and alienate potential supporters.

  3. I don’t condone sexism and I don’t know the chants, but they RD + KM have brought this on themselves, you reap what you sow. Mr Big (a man) and Latriene ( a woman) have had two years to show the supporters some respect, but no they’re too arrogant they’ve just shown they are in the wrong business. The fan base is toxic because of the incompetence and contempt shown for a club people care about it has nothing to do with racism. It’s not nice and could get worse I wish it wasn’t so but if you provoke people they will react

  4. I also read Winter’s article in The Times Albury and I agree with your sentiments …. far too many prawn sarnies in luxurious Premier league surroundings.
    This is the real world Henry, where supporters are fighting for the very existence of their club – we are now through the ‘phoney war’ stage and the tempo is bound to increase as relegation gets closer and frustrations increase.

    To earn respect you have to show respect …. sadly RD and KM have shown NONE to the club’s supporters in the last two long years…. in fact, KM went out of her way to insult us all in her infamous video performance.

    You reap what you sow and in that particular individual’s case – if you can’t stand the heat, then best go back to the kitchen, and the sooner the better.

  5. That’s not the point, I have heard racist chants at the Valley before so this kind of anti social xenophobic behaviour has got everything to do with it, whatever its nature. As a psychological therapist surely you would know the effect of personal abuse and offensive insults aimed at another woman, or perhaps not. They haven’t brought it on themselves either, would you have advocated the same kind of language aimed at Varney and Murray when the club was last relegated to League 1? No I would’ve thought not.

    • Mica
      A couple of points , I have been going to Charlton for 50 years pretty much every week and I have NEVER heard racist chants from Charlton fans at a home game. Only on one occasion have I heard it and I would agree it was disgusting and it was about 20 years ago at Brentford away. Unfortunately the situation in this years relegation is far different from when Varney and Murray presided over the last relegation.
      Varney ( in particular) and Murray were brilliant communicators and Peter was an excellent CEO of Charlton and Richard a great owner. The current duo in contrast have managed incompetently , communicated appallingly and damaged the club that we love in every way imaginable. There is no parallel.
      Finally, I would be interested to know what you , as a woman, felt about Katrien’s sex on the pitch video ? To my mind , it was disgraceful and if she had worked for me , I would have sacked her for that alone.

  6. I find it really vile as well Mica, I don’t think it’s at all acceptable not only with the songs but also to advocate violence against club personnel as some of these people seem to be doing and will be reporting it to the police and other authorities. In all my years of following Charlton I’ve never been so threatened and intimidated by what these people are doing.

  7. I can’t agree with your comments and never will AA. I personally experienced racist abuse by a male sitting behind me which was aimed at a black player only last season. As for the video, it was a silly marketing gimmick, would you reprimand a male if he’d thought up the same idea? As for Murray and Varney, how many meetings with fans groups did they hold and were these broadcast online. The current board are doing a good job and deserve to be given a chance to turn things round just as Murray and Varney were over many years not just two. So you advocate violence against the board as well do you, people need to know these things?

    • Mica
      Any racist abuse is wrong , although one person is not a chant , so that is different from what you said before . If the sex video had been sanctioned by a man , I would have sacked him straight away too. I couldn’t care less that Katrien is female.In the businesses that I manage I have more women CEO’s than men and if I was made to choose I would rather hire female CEO’s every time .
      The issue here is competence not gender.
      Finally , to reiterate and as Insaid in my blog , I am totally against any kind of violence.

  8. I think these fans are a disgrace as well and giving Charlton a bad name. Whoever sings these songs can we get them out and ban them. It reminds me of the lot that sang those songs about Kevin Lisbie and glorified the killers of Stephen Lawrence.

  9. That’s good to know then as you seem to imply the opposite from this quote. “Henry , mate – it’s a war we are engaged in , it’s not a protest , it’s not nice , it’s nasty , likely to get nastier because many of us are seething with rage and anger” .No I wouldn’t have sacked Katrien or a male CEO, that’s why we have employment laws and workers rights in this country. That person wasn’t chanting but I’m giving you the latest example of abuse, I have heard racist taunts from more than one person as well. So you like making people squirm and intimidating, there’s one word for that then, bullying.

    • Mica
      The sex video constitutes gross misconduct which as you will know normally results in instant dismissal even taking into account employment law . Furthermore , since Katrien was within her first 2 year period of employment , there would have been no grounds for unfair dismissal , unless she went for sex, racial or age discrimination , which I would suggest would have been very unlikely.

  10. fishface, why do you think these abusers get away with it, isn’t that for of verbal abuse a criminal offence.

    • AA. I have read and empathise with the majority of your posts but I cannot agree with this one. I heard the Katrien chant briefly at Preston and immedeately knew it was wrong. You say you reap what you sow. My motto would rather be that we treat others as we wish them to treat us. Whatever your position vis a vis the current CAFC management this wrong.
      And – 2 wrongs don’t (ever, war or otherwise) make a right.

  11. Weren’t they singing about STDs or something like that, how sick is that, what vile horrible people. How can anyone condone it?

  12. Clearly there is an urgent need for the “customers” to be rid of the much reviled and incompetent governance by RD and KM. Feelings and emotions can run high. As in politics and other areas of life personal abuse could debase the well founded and justifiable objectives of CARD and could give rise to unfavourable media coverage which will only favour RD and KM. If you resort or advocate personal abuse you do need to seriously consider how you may be perceived !

  13. No it doesn’t result in instant dismissal it’s an issue of interpretation and with your won personal vendetta you’re deliberately exaggerating to fit your agenda. There was no indecent behaviour shown in it and the couple were fully clothed. It wasn’t a good idea but hey there’ve been lots of silly marketing videos and always will be at football clubs.

  14. I think what Duchatelet and Meire are doing is dreadful and I do fear for our club. I think that clever initiatives attract maximum coverage for the fans’ cause – the boycott of catering, the alternative programme, organised non-violent protests during a game etc and these have received press coverage. I think that is the way to go.

    • stands up to them why!there the ones who have got in this mess any other club would do the same fact!!!! and its all about the money. Then you should not run a football club the ones who are top have put money in the club fact thats why they do well. WE ARE FANS WHO CARE AND WE ARE NOT HAPPY ONES . WE AS A CLUB GOING BACKWORDS SO ITS CHEAPER FOR WAGE BILL IN DIVISION 1 SAID HE WANTS US DOWN. SORRY BUT KATRIEN SHOULD BE SACKED AT THE END OF SEASON THEY SACK ENOUGHT MANGERS

  15. “As a psychological therapist surely you would know the effect of personal abuse and offensive insults aimed at another woman, or perhaps not.”
    Ouch! You have a good point Mica, but I’m afraid it was not posted by a psychological therapist or woman. Just another old male idiot who has a love for the club that spans 53yrs who’s dad first took him in 1962. Sorry for the confusion.

  16. Some interesting comments here. The sex on the pitch ad was embarrassing and i think totally wrong, racist chants or a single shout are totally unacceptable, some of the chant against KM are vile and unnecessary surely we have more humour than that. I don’t support the regime but i wont stand and shout that sort of abuse either. There must be other ways.

    • Ok to everyone , thanks for all the feedback . I will draw a line under the debate now. To be fair to me the definition of scurrilous as per my understanding and luckily the Oxford dictionary too is ” making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation – humorously insulting ”
      To be clear , I would be totally opposed to obscene chanting. I would however be totally in favour of humorously insulting chanting with regard to Katrien Meire . We all have our lines in the sands on this sort of stuff . You only have to think of the Lawrie Wilson and Andy Hunt chants over the last few years as 2 examples and there will be hundreds more that some people like or loathe. My original point was that Henry Winters article , although sympathetic to The supporters cause was patronising because he started off by talking to us like naughty kids. He has no understanding of the depth of animosity which has been generated at Charlton.
      Finally , I am absolutely astonished that there are still a few supporters , some of whom have responded here who think the current Board are doing a good job . We are bottom of the table , we haven’t won a game since the Pope was a child , we have let in more goals than anyone else in the entire football league and scored as few as the bottom 3. Our coaching staff , current players and ex players think the place is a complete shambles. The MAJORITY of the fans stand up to the ” stand up if you want them out” chant. About 50% of the crowd now wear black and white scarves. I met an ex Charlton director ( and current (50 year) season ticket holder ) at a social event last week . He described the current regime to me as DISGUSTING.
      I really don’t know what more you can say

      • Well said AA! How anyone can say the current regime are doing a good job is beyond belief. When you put an opinion out there via a blog, it’s very easy for keyboard warriors to jump on it and rubbish it in a matter of seconds. I would however thank mr winter for raising the standoff in his media channel, we need as much publicity as possible to highlight how CAFC are systematically being dismantled by this disgusting regime.

  17. I fully back our protests, Charlton should NOT be in this situation,but I’m saddened that some very
    personal sexual chants that are not related to the fight are being directed at Meire.

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