Reflections on Brentford

We won, we won , we won and I was there – I saw it , I really did see a win for the first time since August 23rd . Luckily 2 of my mates persuaded me to go and special mention to one of them who left the game at 4.30pm so he could catch a flight to Johannesburg at 6.05pm – forgetting that nonsense about being there before your flight is called !

A few observations , I have seen Callum Harriot be our best player in 2 of our games recently , yesterday and Fulham. He wasn’t playing in most of the other games because Riga inexplicably chose Bergdich instead – that is not good management.

Our defence was frequently chaotic yesterday and quite how we keep letting goals in from corners when more than half our team is over 6ft has to be poor coaching.

Motta was terrible in the first half and awesome in the second half . He  was everywhere , winning headers , great passes , forearm smashing Brentford players , running the whole length of the pitch to win a corner . Both he and Fanni played with a lot of heart which is all we really ask. Defensively , the second half was better , let’s hope we can keep it up.

I stick to my prediction of 3 wins on the trot , so 2 home wins to follow now.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Brentford

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  2. One down. Two to go. I’m sure Riga would bite your arm off for it to be true.
    You would probably only back Harriot and Jackson to be able to hit a cows a***e with a banjo out of the whole squad. Which makes his trip to Colchester all the more bizarre even for this lot.

  3. What chance either CAFC or MKD getting back to back wins. Bookies must have us down for a draw…
    I’ve given up trying to predict what our XI will do next.

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