Exclusive: Club Response to 74th minute walkout

Charlton’s elite management team have responded decisively to the news that supporters intend to walk out 82% of the way through the game in the 74th minute on Sunday , by launching the ‘ Football for £4.11p ‘ campaign to encourage new supporters to come along and enjoy that special Valley atmosphere .

CAFC  Chief Exec Katrien Meire explained ” We thought this would be a great opportunity for would be supporters , particularly those with no connection, affinity or indeed any thought at all  for the club to pop along for a burger, watch a few flags being waved, enjoy some friendly banter around a mock coffin and have a bit of a sing song , knowing that they don’t have to watch the football all the way to the end . Normally , it would be a fiver , but knowing that no one will be in the ground apart from the players , my Marketing team came up with this really neat idea that we should tie in the special offer with the protest and charge for  only 82% of the game – hey presto – Football for £4.11 was born.”

Ms Meire added that her policy of providing complimentary tickets to ‘minimise crowd shrinkage’ will continue for all local schools , all local Universities , anyone whose Dad , uncle , grandparents or next door neighbour who played for the club, civil servants , members of the armed forces , doctors , nurses , allied health professionals, dentists, vets ,chiropodists, Belgians, Flemish speakers, anyone with an unusual birthmark, refugees from war torn conflicts, anyone who can tell a good joke, anyone who had a relative on the Titanic ……..

One thought on “Exclusive: Club Response to 74th minute walkout

  1. There you go again giving them ideas for free, Max Clifford PA etc would have charged a fat cat corporate premium for that advice if he wasn’t inside. KM “great add it on to the other £38m”.

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