Met police agree to investigate theft of a football club

well that’s what they should be investigating , not putting out ridiculously exaggerating statements about incidents involving Charlton supporters .

Presumably our clueless CEO and her dimwitted team of incompetents are anxious to divert attention away from the way they run the club by blaming supporters again and are keen to waste precious police time by getting them on the bandwagon.

I’m not condoning violence or pitch invaders ( all 2 individuals)  , but if they are seriously asking the met police to intervene because beach balls are being thrown on the pitch since they constitute ‘ objects being thrown on the pitch’ – we should all bring something worth throwing next time – how about javelins ?

As a matter of interest I was at the Palace game which was thoroughly unpleasant in every way from both sets of supporters – all I read about are a few Charlton hooligans and a bloke who apparently , allegedly , tried to punch a bird of prey – good luck with that mate , it must be like trying to hit a fish by slinging a pebble in the sea. Are the met police and palace about to issue a statement about their fans , who were also surely arrested

I think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we ?

You can be pretty sure that the recent far more serious mass fighting between Arsenal and Tottenham fans will also not result in joint met police and club statements .

We support a club that is declaring war on its own supporters and is now enlisting the Police to support the CEO’s and Owner’s distorted views of events.

3 thoughts on “Met police agree to investigate theft of a football club

  1. I remain fully supportive of The Police with respect the task of maintaining law and order throughout the UK. However, so far as surveillance is concerned the statement merely confirms what ordinarily happens in practice on match days. I am mystified as to the underlying motive of CAFC to issue the statement at the current time. Is the purpose to quell and crush what they would regard as “the peasants revolt ?” If so, it is another “own goal” scored by a regime that urgently needs to rebuild its connection with the supporters ….a relationship which I fear is beyond repair.

  2. we shall fight them by boycotting season ticket sales,
    we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength through digital and social media,
    we shall fight with beach balls,
    we shall fight by not particpating in match day purchases at The Valley,
    we shall fight behind the West Stand by means of peaceful demonstration,
    we shall fight by urging sponsors to withdraw sponsorship;
    we shall never surrender

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