Rude songs about Katrien Meire

I read today’s article by Henry Winter in The Times in which he leads with ” Scurrilous songs about Katrien Meire , Charlton’s unpopular chief executive are unacceptable and undermine a legitimate protest movement forming in the car park outside The Valley after games” He then goes on to say that Meire and Duchatelet need to heed fans concerns ”

I find the opening comments very patronising. Henry , mate – it’s a war we are engaged in , it’s not a protest , it’s not nice , it’s nasty , likely to get nastier because many of us are seething with rage and anger .

It’s Meire and Duchatelet , the unqualified incompetents , against us , the fans , the people who have been going for decades and it’s going to be a bitter fight to the end.

Football is tribal , it is belonging and deep passion for your team and loathing for your local rivals. The club forms a central ever present bedrock of many people’s lives . Our club is being deliberately mismanaged and destroyed with malice and that cannot happen without the perpetrators experiencing bad consequences.

Maybe Henry has spent too much time in Premiership corporate hospitality.

I would not condone any kind of physical violence , but whilst singing rude songs may not be polite , if it’s unpleasant and makes Katrien squirm and feel even slightly more like resigning then I am all in favour.

Sing your hearts out for the lads