Well played Charlton

We capped off a thoroughly entertaining game yesterday with a deserved win and 93rd minute winner in front of the covered end . I played tennis in the morning and won on a tie break in the 3rd set having been 5-2 down in the final set . It was one of those rare days where everything worked out perfectly.

Diarra was magnificent yesterday – you can really see why he has played 44 times for France – the guy is completely different class . If the management team have any brains at all ( which I know we have established that they haven’t ) they should exercise his option for next year now .

Igor made a difference and with Yoyo , Harriot and Lookman also all available for Tuesday and Saturday , we finally have some decent striking options. Reza’s injury is a relief for all of us. He might be able to speak 17 languages and I’m sure he is nice to his mum , but he’s not very good at football.

Rod Fanni and madman Motta , together with Jorge are all playing well and seem committed to the cause.

I know I’m mad but I still think we could get out of it – Rotherham won at Ipswich so why can’t we . QPR aren’t very good and have nothing to play for , Derby are fading fast , Bolton will already be relegated, Leeds are useless and in turmoil , we will sneak a very lucky last minute winner against Brighton , and on the final day of the season , Burnley will already have been promoted.

So that’s it then , I think we will get 21 points out of the next 7 games .

I don’t know what you were all worried about

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