Roland can stay

Steady on , I don’t want too much abuse , to clarify I am a supporter of CARD , but I really don’t mind if Roland carries on paying all the bills.

He is obviously a class 1 idiot in every aspect of running businesses other than the manufacture of semi conductor widgets , but he is still paying for our ‘ entertainment’. He seems totally incapable of appointing anyone of enough competence to do a proper job or even string an articulate sentence together at CEO or COO level ( Katrien and Tony)

We must have the most expensive squad in the history of the club ( certainly since we left the Premiership) . Just think of all the forwards on the payroll , Vitokele, Makienok, Harriott, Watt, Ahearne-Grant, Pigott ,Reza, Lookman, and then the centre halves, Lennon, Roger the relegator, Bauer, Fanni, Texeira, Sarr , Obileye, Diarra – the lists of professionals is endless.

The problem is not the investment , it is in the day to day management of the club , which is abysmal. The principal reason we are going down was the lack of experienced centre halves at the beginning of the season. I know people are blaming Karel Freye , but all he had to choose from as centre half were Bauer ( mostly injured or suspended ) , Roger the relegator , Rhys Williams ( useless) , Nabi Sarr ( useless) and Harry Lennon ( promising but not ready) . Since Jose was able to buy Texiera and Fanni , we have had a platform to work from – lo and behold we start getting points – football isn’t really very complicated –  getting points starts from the back.

In my non Charlton life , I am a Chairman of various businesses and if I was Roland , I would sack both Katrien and Tony . I would appoint a proper sports franchise experienced CEO , ensuring that they were highly literate ( a current big problem) and able to communicate effectively and with empathy towards supporters.

Much as I admire  Jose Riga as a decent bloke , I would also replace him as manager with someone with successful experience of the lower English Leagues. Finally , we need a proper UK based , experienced , Chief Scout.

Roland could easily have a much more successful club by spending the same amount of money , but with the current management team , he has no chance of success.

He needs to swallow his pride , stop hiring flunkies just because he knows them or likes them and act decisively by replacing the existing failing management team NOW


5 thoughts on “Roland can stay

  1. Agree, but if it takes two years for him to realise some (re; new scout) of what Charlton fans have been saying for the last two years, (money or not) he has no place in football. He must living in a negligent bubble with regards to our club, which he probably isn’t with regards to his widget empire.

  2. I just realised that a2c isn’t a person at all it’s Duchalet’s robot (calling it A.I. would just be ridiculous). That’s why it can’t process any information, but just repeats over and over again in what it’s programmed to say in what Roland thinks is Sarf London cockney. How sad RD is, he won’t even pay out for a half decent Taiwanese robot, we have a cheap made in Belgium one. Don’t feed the robot!

  3. A lot of truth here. But it does ignore one problem that Roland suffers from – he cannot leave his managers, however competent or otherwise, to manage.
    Even though he rarely leaves Roland Towers, he seems to believe he can direct operations from there.
    If he could be persuaded to employ an experienced management team as suggested and let them make well considered local decisions, then his continued involvement could (just), be tolerated by his long suffering ‘customers’.
    Unfortunately that, for Roland, appears impossible and thus terminal to CAFC’s medium term future

  4. Dave, though I sympathise with your view enough is enough.
    Duchatelet doesn’t even come to games to watch what he rules and runs from afar. As far as he is concerned Charlton are just another average club in his collection – well, until now we’ve been above average but our pending relegation will see us nearer to the level of his other European clubs.

    No decent footballing man in the UK would touch Charlton with a barge pole under RD – we are now a toxic brand.
    He has to go…. Charlton will not turn the corner under his rule – in fact I can see the club sinking further – we will only perish under his ownership. As I’ve said before, I cannot believe that for the first time in our history we have an owner with money behind him – sadly, in footballing terms, he’s a total idiot. The sooner he sells up, the better.

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