Referee sponsors robbery in West London

We played well today and somehow lost to a poor Rangers side , although the referee managed to allow a blatantly offside goal.

Despite having all our best forwards playing , none of them was capable of scoring a goal , which does not bode well for next season , although I guess , Makienok , Sanogo & Lookman will all be leavers.

Igor has been transformed into a striker who couldn’t hit the proverbial cow’s arse with a banjo . He never seems to have any confidence whenever he gets to a 1 on 1 with the keeper.

For those of you that monitored from afar , we had 5 or 6 really good chances in the second half ( which we totally dominated) and somehow managed to miss all of them. The most composed ball of the day came from Chris Solly to play Cousins through for the goal. We can only hope that somehow the staff at Charlton manage to persuade young Chris to give his knee another year before retiring , although this seems unlikely.

Division 1 beckons again and it generally takes us 3 seasons to get out of that by which time I will be 61 , heavens where did the time go ? .

Its my 30th wedding anniversary this year and we got married in 1986, 2 days before my 29th birthday , on the day we returned to the Premiership – after a 28 year gap .Robert Lee scored in a 1-1 draw with Sheffield Wednesday and we got sneaky score updates all through my wedding day.

Will I ever see Charlton back in the premiership in my lifetime – I bloody hope so , but it seems unlikely.

Roland is 11 years older than me so you wonder how his long term plan works ?

4 thoughts on “Referee sponsors robbery in West London

  1. Yeah but Roland n Katrien will take ourn back to the Championship n I reckon iss only goin to take one season. Ere are ourn aint dahn yet so there’s some ope on ere.

  2. Good for you a2c if you have some ‘ope’ (I presume you mean escaping relegation?) enjoy it while it lasts. The trouble is ‘ope’ rather than sound judgement has been the driving force for the owner and Meire, ‘ope’ that the next managerial/head coach appointment would be better than the previous one ‘ope’ that the many substandard and sometimes very expensive signings would be better than those proven performers that were moved on (in Morrison’s case for nothing), ‘ope’ that FFP would underpin the crack-pot ‘network’, ‘ope’ that the disaffected supporters (customers if you prefer) were only 2% of the fan base. ‘Ope’ is no substitute for skilled, experienced judgement and management of a football club and Duchatelet and Meire will of course ‘ope’ to get CAFC back into the Championship in one season but without the necessary major change in every aspect of their strategy and attitude this seems a forlorn hope. I’m looking forward to what Duchatelet has to say once relegation (surely one of the most expensively acquired relegations from the Championship) is mathematically certain, I hope that he will admit his catastrophic failure to run CAFC in a dignified, respectful and ambitious way and announce an informed and detailed plan (not a sketchy list of aspirations) designed to achieve promotion and a statement of concrete proposals to heal the rift between the fan-base and the club, as it has become, under his stewardship. This would of course as a first step mean firing Meire 🙂

  3. ere, a2c gud 3 points for ourn gainst Shrewsbury yesterday dahn our gaff. reckon ourn will be above this mob next season. Opefully roland and katrien stay forever doin their ‘good’ job with this ilk.

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