The Charlton Vision

In 1998 , When I purchased my 20 year season tickets to help rebuild the North Stand, I bought into a vision for my football club. We had a sensible plan for a 37,ooo seater stadium and the club was brimming with success , belief and determination. 20 years later, even though the demographic suggest that we should be a Top 4 London club , we are about to return to Division 3. It is truly a shambles , a disaster , something for all of us to feel ashamed about.

By the end of 2016, in the Greenwich Peninsula alone there will be another 15,000 homes built with another 30,000 prospective supporters . There will be 7,00o new homes in Woolwich/ Greenwich , there will be 9,500 new homes in Lewisham. The demographic opportunity is enormous – our history – although checkered – is long and full of unfulfilled potential.

The Valley is a natural and historic amphitheatre.

We can be and should be competing on equal terms with Arsenal , Chelsea , Tottenham and West Ham, not the minnows of Crystal Palace , QPR, Watford, Fulham and Millwall. The Valley should be full with 37,000 people every week because that’s the minimum that should be expected . Target 20k is symptomatic of the small minded , unambitious schemes that have characterised Charlton over the last 10 years since our Premiership years.

Give us Vision , Give us Inspiration. Give us Leadership we can respect and admire .

Above all , give us the Passion and Belief that you understand the scale of opportunity at our club.

Give us hope that now as we approach the darkest point, proper visionary ambition will emerge


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