The only Voice from the Valley

I received my VOTV in the post this morning and enjoyed an excellent read .Rick Everitt is due an enormous amount of credit for the quality of his magazine .

I guess it helps that I also agree with his opinions on Charlton , although , to be frank , it is difficult to disagree bearing in mind the facts concerning the club’s current and totally avoidable predicament. The articles on football generally and the historical perspective on Charlton are really interesting and informative and underpinned by Rick’s huge depth of knowledge about the club.

It always strikes me as faintly ridiculous that we have someone like Rick and others commenting sensibly and writing eruditely about Charlton , whilst the senior people who get paid to professionally manage the club either don’t speak to the fans at all , or when they do they can’t string a sentence together without saying something stupid , offensive or just wrong.



2 thoughts on “The only Voice from the Valley

  1. I think whoever wrote the Season Ticket renewal brochure deserves some credit.
    Think he/she probably also works on the Holocaust Denial news.
    No mention of our current demise or what they might do about it.
    Give us your money cos there used to be a good atmosphere.
    How they got Paddy Powell in it, the grounds man they sacked, is beyond me.

  2. Totally agree with you Albury Addick. Rick was at the fore-front of getting us back to the Valley with his excellent magazine and he’s back at the fore-front of an even bigger fight … the fight to get our club back from someone who doesn’t give a XXXX for it. Let’s hope that the regime crumbles and gets back over to Belgium on the next Eurostar asap – looks like the first bits of cement are crumbling from the foundations of their ‘investment’ … but they ain’t gonna get anywhere near £30m+ for it.
    Only a clown like RD would manipulate the club to relegation and then try to double his money…. what a jerk. He’ll be lucky to get his stake of £18m back for a division 1 club.
    IF he had got us promoted to the Premier League then he could probably have got £45m – businessman my a***…….

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