Club statement exclusive ” Incompetent CEO vows to carry on “

You will all be delighted to know that Katrien Meire is unable to obtain another job anywhere in the western world and has therefore decided to continue destroying our football club.

Charlton’ s geriatric owner , Roland Duchatelet commented ” I am delighted that Katrien has decided to stay on , CEO at Charlton is the only management position in the UK where incompetence, deceit , poor judgement , 100 % staff turnover and abject failure are the key ingredients and Katrien has got those in spades .

I am looking forward to the challenge of helping Katrien catapult Charlton through Division 3 into Division 4 , something the club has never achieved in its long and illustrious history. If anyone can really turn the club into a complete and total disaster , it’s Katrien. “

4 thoughts on “Club statement exclusive ” Incompetent CEO vows to carry on “

  1. “That’s it…..turn off the lights, cancel the papers, rip up the best pitch in the Championship and put out the cat….how can ‘we’ accept the statement from the Club acknowledging mistakes being made, that even most people highlighted at the start of the season and were ignored….we will continue to fall down the leagues…..The owner, CEO and board forget where this club came from….it WAS the fans who got us back at the Valley and it will be the fans who will fight to keep ownership !!!!!”

  2. Saturday is the day ALL supporters MUST show their feelings….get to the Valley and make it very clear how angry, dismayed, frustrated and bewildered now that we are relegated….Stand up for the club you love !!!!

  3. Oh! So, superwoman admits to having made some mistakes – wonders will never cease. The only problem is that they have made the same mistakes over and over again in the last 2 years and keep on repeating them with regard to manager and player selection. Who is to believe that they have now “seen the light” and will change? I won’t for a start and I doubt that anyone else will.
    I’ve had it with the regime and I just cannot bring myself to visit the Valley next season and see the same mistakes being made again. I’m dreading the close season and seeing yet more dross and third rate players being brought in from Belgium and elsewhere in Europe when what is needed, especially in division 1, are British players who know the league and have the skill and heart to get us out of it.

    Everyone should go to the Valley this Saturday to make your views known in no uncertain terms and then ALL boycott the last game against Burnley.

  4. Totally agree with your thoughts Mark,….protest on Saturday…..all leave seats at half time and don’t return until at least 5 mins into second half…..let the CEO and her band of incompetent management see the stadium empty….then no shows for the last game !!!
    We have NOTHING to celebrate when Burnley visit.

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