Roland – a fool and his money

are easily parted as the saying goes. Richard Murray and Katrien Meire confirmed as much when they told the supporters trust that he was having to put in a million pounds a month to fund the club. I think we are supposed to be grateful or impressed – who knows which ?

Roland’s exaggerated losses are as a direct result of his own scouting methods and the ineptitude of his CEO who has exacerbated the problem by handing out lengthy contracts to players who are obviously not up to Championship standard. Together they have created a perfect storm of downward momentum that will prove difficult to stop.

The combined wages of Loic Nego, Polish Pete, Naby Sarr, Tony Watt, Roger Johnson, Christian Ceballos, Simon Makienok, Reza Goochanjhaad, Zak Bergdich, George Tucadean, Igor Vetokele, El hadji ba , must total £50-100k a week , that’s £200-500k of his monthly losses right there .

There are others such as Diego Poyet, Ahmed Kashi , Yaya Sanogo and Suk Young Yun who might have been good enough , but have also contributed virtually nothing to the cause , that’s probably another , £ 100k a month. I don’t think I would be the only supporter who would swop all 16 of those players to have retained Dale Stephens, Yann Kermogant and Michael Morrison.

If you then combine the low quality of his recruiting with the incompetence of his CEO , who has single handedly lost paying customers, paying sponsors , season ticket holders, refreshment sales , alienated and lost staff with additional recruitment costs and redundancy payments, spent money on stupid advertising campaigns and hordes of additional security,  etc, that’s got to have been worth another say £10 -20k a week , so Up to £100k a month , so by my reckoning that’s a combined total of up to £600k a month just because he’s got absolutely no idea what he is doing.

The FA should be announcing an enquiry into Roland’s sanity !

5 thoughts on “Roland – a fool and his money

  1. He’s not that much of a fool, as he’s only loaning it and taking 3% intrest on the money. Slater only got 115k in his last year, starprix has had over 900k last year

    • Pete . I don’t think it does make sensible business for Roland. He is racking up losses which he is putting in as 3% interest earning debt . He could get more than 3% on virtually any other asset class , corporate bonds, commercial property, residential property , even the uk stock market. Secondly , he is taking it out of one pocket I.e. Funding the monthly losses to pay himself the 3% interest plus the monthly operating losses, to put it back in his other pocket.
      Finally , it doesn’t really matter how much interest bearing debt he loads on the business because like the Bolton owner recently found out , when eventually he comes to sell the club , he will have to write off the debt anyway. Essentially , whatever happens , unless he can find the next sheik mansour , he us going to lose a huge amount of money
      Cheers albury

  2. Meire and Murray were clearly citing the million pounds a month input with the thought that it would in some way help to undermine by fear the determination of those that want the owner to sell. They must be made to understand that Duchatelet’s financial imprudence, along with the general catastrophic mis-management, is only serving to intensify the need for him to go because as Big Pete says Duchatelet is only increasing the debt burden of CAFC. In football terms Duchatelet is a complete fool of course but he’s making sure that his folly is being paid for by CAFC.

  3. You are quite right AA that Duchatelet could earn more interest in other areas but I think the comparison with the former Bolton owner could be a bit optimistic. My understanding is that Eddie Davies was a lifelong Bolton supporter and as such, when he decided to sell, was willing to write off close to an eye-watering 190 million pounds of ‘friendly’ debt for the good of the club. I can’t see Duchatelet doing anything like that as he cares nothing for CAFC.I suspect that a complete fan boycott (apart from away games ) would be the best way to go but each supporter has to reach their own conclusion on that. As I see it attending home matches is giving tacit approval of this regime’s management of the club but I accept and respect that that will not be every supporter’s view. . . .

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