Smaller budget than Accrington ?

Katrien the incompetent, informed this week’s fans forum that we shouldn’t build our hopes up for next season , but we will have a ‘Top 6’ League One budget.
I have listed next seasons opponents here- apart from Sheffield United ,  who else could possibly have a higher budget ???  Wigan are left out because they are back up now , none of the potential promoted teams from Div 2 are ‘big clubs’.

Barnsley, Bradford, Blackpool , Burton, Bury, Chesterfield, Coventry, Doncaster, Fleetwood, Gillingham, Oldham, Millwall, Peterborough, Port Vale, Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Sheffield United, Shrewsbury , Southend , Swindon ,Walsall .

The thought that we will have a lower playing budget than any of these is both scandalous and scary given the regimes track record for selecting unsuitable inexperienced managers and unsuitable inexperienced players.

In a further comical turn to rival the Sex on the pitch denial, it wasn’t us it was the Royal Mail’s fault, Roland didn’t interfere with player selection,  I spoke to 20 candidates in the 30 minutes before we appointed Guy Luzon, Scotland Yard are investigating all our supporters, – clueless Katrien claimed that  Season Ticket sales are ahead of target.

Honestly , you couldn’t make this stuff up- what was the target – 6. ?? . I still have a lot of respect for Richard Murray and I know I’m in a dwindling band – but for heaven’s sake Richard , do the honourable thing , resign and disassociate yourself from these stupid, useless, destructive people . Its just embarrassing being a Charlton fan with this lot in charge. How can you possibly remain as Chairman ?????


4 thoughts on “Smaller budget than Accrington ?

  1. At the right moment someone needs to ask Mr Murray. With the benefit of hindsight, If he could go back two years would he do anything differently ? If he’s a true Charlton supporter he should spit his tea or his teeth out!

  2. Sadly Dave it seems as though Mr. Murray’s financial investment that is still tied up with the club means more to him than his integrity….
    In my book he is now tied up irrevocably with Duchatelet and Meire and no longer puts Charlton first as he tries to protect his investment. He cannot be foolish enough not to think that the likelihood of the money being returned to him is decreasing with each step down the league and every £1m of debt that Duchatelet is adding to that owed by the club to his company?

    Perhaps Murray has bought into Roland’s long term plan to turn the Valley into a massive housing project and the club will be relocated to a couple of tin shacks and a scrabby pitch on the Greenwich Peninsula…?

  3. Well, this latest statement by Meire with regard to not building up the hopes of CAFC supporters is just farcical. Any supporter who can, given the regime’s record to date, feel in anyway hopeful of the prospects of the club with the current owner pulling the strings needs to do what Meire and Duchatelet continually and stubbornly refuse to do and that is to look at the hard evidence of their stewardship and its disastrous consequences.
    Why choose to declare that CAFC will have one of the ‘top six’ budgets in league one without also expressing a management expectation of at least a top six place? That expectation is of course implicit in the statement but I doubt many supporters believe or ‘expect’ that the owner is capable of making the decisions and appointments that would even come close to giving the club a decent chance of a top six finish-top. I would settle for another season without a relegation battle because unlike the Charlton pre-Duchatelet the will to fight and scrap on a consistent basis, the basic qualities needed to avoid yet another relegation, are no longer part of the Charlton psyche and .Personally I don’t blame the players for this, the poisonous and incompetent hand of the owner grips every aspect of CAFC and that is where the blame lies.

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