I’m offering Roland a special sponsorship deal

Dear Roland , since I paid to help build the North Stand , I get my 2 normal season tickets regardless of whether I actually want them.

However , I am offering you a special , never to be repeated , deal.

If you sack Katrien Meire ( or if she resigns , nudge, nudge, wink , wink)   , I will immediately buy another season ticket at full price and if she leaves before the end of May , I will match that with a donation of £500 to Charlton Upbeats.

I wouldn’t normally encourage anyone to get sacked – it seems a bit mean – but having sacked 5 managers , I know you like doing it and also you are trying to clear out the deadwood for next season to reduce costs. In the medium term it’s also the best way to secure other people’s jobs at Charlton.

Perhaps we can get this movement rolling to see what other supporters might be prepared to contribute, donate or offer ?

4 thoughts on “I’m offering Roland a special sponsorship deal

  1. I’d be more than happy to donate my lawnmower to the club if the cut backs affect the maintenance of our fantastic pitch

  2. My deal would be,that if Roland would just sell up,take Ms Meire with him and go back to making light bulbs or plugs or whatever, I would stop taking the easy option of driving 10minutes to my golf club on Saturdays,and come back to following Charlton and getting the two trains and two buses it takes to get there from Essex if I want a pint or two,been a supporter since 1961.

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