Charlton is a cause not a football club

We haven’t been a very successful football club in the 50 years I have been going to the Valley , but supporting Charlton is tribal,  it’s in your blood , it’s who you are , it was your grandfather , your father , your aunts and uncles, it’s what you believe in, it’s not popular , it’s not for people who just see football as an expensive day out .

It’s much stronger than that – it’s a cause and these clueless incompetent Belgians are trying to take that away from us.

Lets get rid of them

One thought on “Charlton is a cause not a football club

  1. I grew up in Charlton in th50s,would like to say a cliche now,like,under the floodlights,but we were the last club in the top two divisions to get them.We were relegated from the top flight with a whimper,so nearly got back at the first attempt.Then except for the odd season we lurched from one relegation fight to another,in 1963 ,then goal average,we stayed up by 1/100 of a goal relegating Walsall last game of the season. The struggles went on,38 year old Cliff Holton aka the flying doctor saved us in 1965 ,not one single away win all season and we stayed up.Then years of player sales no replacements and as you say 50 years of not much,but it is tribal,this time it all seems more sinister,we have the stadium,the pitch,the training ground,the academy so why no success?and I feel its not the lack of it,but it seems that its not wanted, and its the thought of a hidden agenda that fuels this protest, power to the people.

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