Welcome to Charlton, Chris

The  Management Structure :

Owner                 = imbecilic and in charge

Chairman            = ineffective and impotent

CEO                     = incapable and incompetent

COO                    = incoherent and incompetent

Chief Scout                            = invisible

Director of Football             = invisible

Head of Communications   = invisible

Chief Safety Officer             = invisible

Ticket Office                         = inoperable & incapacitated

Fan Base                               = incandescent

Fan’s Sofa                             = in pieces

Your Role …………………..Interim

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Charlton, Chris

  1. Good to mention the sofa. That could be an iconic moment.
    Similar to the fall of the Berlin Wall and raising the statue of Saddam.
    We can but hope!

  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself Albury!
    Any manager coming into the club at the moment given the regime’s inability to organise a drink in a brewery, let alone manage a football club, has to be looked upon as very suspect and there is probably a big question mark against their sanity – either that or they hold an in-built belief that they can actually make a difference …. which will soon be knocked out of them the minute they start to deal with Madame Meire.
    I almost feel more sorry for someone coming into the Valley than I do for the thousands of fans who demonstrate week in and week out.

    The only thing that will make a jot of difference at the Valley is for the Belgian circus to up-sticks and p*** off back to Ostend.

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