The relentless shambles at Charlton

I ran out of adjectives a long time ago to describe the incompetence of the people running Charlton football club. We endured a further example of their ineptitude today as Chris Wilder , the instantly recognisable ,  hugely famous and massively successful manager of 4th division Northampton Town turned down the opportunity to be the manager.

Here , I’ve got an idea – why don’t they just pick up the phone to that bloke who got us promoted with a record points tally from this Division last time and who got us to an FA Cup quarter final and then got sacked because the team struggled after two of its best players were sold against his wishes and he had to play Churchy and Reza up front. His name was Chris , he’s also English , he’s got a better record in football management than Chris Wilder.

No , that won’t happen , its far too easy  and sensible, much more likely that Nobby, the Serbian, is just nailed on to be the next network patsy…..

6 thoughts on “The relentless shambles at Charlton

  1. Hardly a surprise. Just another clueless attempt to turn things around and Wilder obviously rumbled the owner and the CEO. Duchatelet is starting at the wrong place and of far greater urgency than a new manager is a new CEO who can begin to re-structure the club. Until that happens CAFC will not begin to emerge from the current dire state that the naïve and incompetent owner is totally responsible for.

  2. Have been a supporter since 1961 and no matter how bad things get its hard to let your feelings go completely,so call me stupid but I did get a slight feeling of enthusiasm at the thought of Chris Wilder and his team taking over,not!wilderly’ but of course reality came in,power is not given away easily,and quite rightly Wilder wanted a degree of control,now I fear what we all know,goodbye Lookman,Cousins,Pope,Gudmansen,Solly,Fox,hello manager we have never heard of,hello players we have never heard of,hello Blackpool hello league 2,the reality is they hold all the aces,we just get mad,history tells us ,mass boycott is our only real chance,and even then they can just sell the stadium,its gonna be difficult.

  3. What can we all say, The Belgians are so incompetent, trust no one and are leaderless. Roland is also clearly such a coward that will not enter the stadium. Clueless idiots and only going one way, how on earth he keeps Miere is beyond any logical thinking .

    • Daarzzetbum ,
      I gather that you weren’t an SCP fan , but it is really difficult to move on from such a disastrous decision . Even this guy was apparently promised players to sign and no interference and probably only refused to sign because of Sheffield United’s interest. If they had done that with SCP 4 years ago , we would probably have been in the Premiership by now.

  4. Can’t believe Katrien could not pull it off. She is the most experienced CEO we have ever had in terms of signing new managers. Oh and sacking them too if they don’t jump first.

    If anyone can she can!

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