Katrien’s blame game

following on from this afternoon’s blaming of the fans , Katrien followed up this evening in a talksport interview by blaming the managers ( too many in a short time) and the players ( so many moments of poor discipline amongst the players) .

Apart from us , the managers and the players , the sporting authorities, and the press , is there anyone else left to blame ?

3 thoughts on “Katrien’s blame game

  1. Right before anyone gets too excited,I am not a billionaire and my football experience is limited to Villacourt Rovers, Pegasus,Metrogas 2nd team,and West Ham bus garage 1st team,so I have something to draw on. I have a plan,1st we need at some stage to have a link back to the management,as frustrated as we are do we really want league2 and an average crowd of 3k,call it cheesy but we need to appoint Curbs as director of football, bring back Chris Powell,they both won league titles,they both know how to get the best out of a thin squad ,
    and they are both Charlton,and most important give them time, and the big sticking point keep our talented youngsters at least until they finish their apprenticeship’s,sounds a good plan to me.

      • Thanks Albury I think you obviously understand that as bitter a pill it maybe all wars end in some sort of compromise,but as you say its probably too bitter for roly and kat.

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