Meire attacks Charlton fans again

You would have thought that having subjected the Charlton fan base to the torture of complete mismanagement and abject failure over the total period of her stewardship , Katrien Meire would have either resigned or been fired by now , which would have happened in any other business in the world. After all she has managed to sack 6 managers during her reign , so she definitely gets the link between failure and tenure of appointment. However , our owner Mr Duchatelet prizes loyalty and the ability to take orders over competence . Consequently , she is somehow still at the helm , portraying herself as the victim of all us nasty Charlton fans .

Rather than do something to try and repair the relationship with the fan base like hire a good manager , speak sensibly , apologise profusely  or resign with a massively humble and heart rending apologetic letter to all fans , Ms Meire has decided to follow up last months spurious linking of the hooliganism at Crystal Palace with the CARD regime , inviting a Scotland Yard investigation into the club’s own fans !! – with a further rant at a conference where Charlton were formally identified as a poorly run football club ( no S–t Sherlock , to quote Ms Meire’s expletives today ) . Ms Meire has ‘allegedly’ been the victim of criminality and she quotes the particularly dastardly deed perpetrated by the fan who resigned her from Companies House. She omits to mention that had Charlton subscribed to the on line Companies House service , this would not have been possible . I would remind you, she is a lawyer. If she has experienced criminal acts against her ( she didn’t actually tell the audience  what these were ) that is despicable and rather than asking the sports bodies to intervene , as she did today , you would think that as a lawyer , she would know that criminal acts are a matter for the police.

I am sure Ms Meire is a lovely person , very talented , personable and intelligent . I am sure that she would be a very good employee.

She is , however, a totally hopeless CEO of our football club and needs to go now.

Finally , she seems to think Charlton fans are extremists. That’s not the Charlton I have known for the last 50 years. Imagine what she would be dealing with if Roland had bought Millwall or West Ham ?

3 thoughts on “Meire attacks Charlton fans again

  1. What is wrong with the woman. It is rightly illegal to tear a Fox apart and the same should go for an established football club lie ours. Surely RD & KM have some idea on the pain and suffering we as supporters have gone through over the years and the effort by so many to get us where we are today. We cant sit back and watch this happen to OUR great club. Everyone want them to succeed but in the 2 years or so since they have been here they have shown in so many ways that they cant run an English football club seriously. Why cant they just admit it and get out! People criticise Mike Ashley but at least he turns up to the games! Maybe this pair are Sadists

  2. My first impression when I read about Meire’s rant was that she can’t take criticism and when the forum actually named Charlton as a poorly ran club (by her) she just lost it by blaming everybody but herself. She is now fully aware that all the football world think her and her boss are at best incompetent and at worst stupid. I hope Roland gets as peed off we her moaning as the rest of us and gets rid of her.(And then himself)

  3. I quite agree with her and I just hope nobody writes ‘Tosser Out’ or ‘Liar’on Roland’s lovely pitch (darn ore gaff) in weed killer next season as that would be illegal criminal damage. Not like the damage done to CAFC.

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