They own it but we love it

My wife came back tonight and said this to me , she was talking about the Saxon Church in our village which the locals in our village cherish and look after but the CCT (Churches Conservation Trust) own in absentia and therefore make lots of silly decisions about its use and future.

Ring any bells with another institution that we love and someone else owns ???

One thought on “They own it but we love it

  1. Yes Albury,I get it, a friend of mine owned two houses and the big one in Essex he wanted to keep it and not rent it out,well he had a rich friend who lived abroad but who wanted a base over here for a while,perfect solution live in the spare house but look after it,well as it turned out the rich friend really wanted it to install a female friend,no questions no pack drill, well she wrecked the joint,but kept the garden immaculate,do you hear bells,the village folk were up in arms about her,and they protested to get her out of the village,in the guy from abroads defence it turned out to be his sister,but she just didn’t know how to run a house.

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